Overcoming Fear in Addiction Recovery

Understanding and Beating Fear in Addiction Recovery

Addiction treatment and the subsequent management is a process that can last for years because addiction cannot be cured but rather just managed. If relapse prevention strategies are not followed, then there is always a risk of relapse. Studies suggest that roughly half of the addicts recovering from addiction relapse within the first year. Fear in addiction recovery is one of the negative emotions that can lead a person to relapse.

In this article, we will explore fear in addiction recovery and look at how one can overcome it.

Fear in Addiction Recovery

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions. It drives our actions and can cause illogical responses to situations. Fear in addiction recovery often causes a recovering addict to feel trapped and can cause panic that seems difficult to control. While fear may be an important part of our survival, it can become one of the obstacles to recovery from addiction.

Common fears experienced by recovering addicts include the following:

  • As you explore new areas of your life it can cause the fear of the unknown.
  • Fear that you won’t ever get enjoyment out of life again.
  • You may fear that you don’t have what it takes to stay sober.
  • Fear that when a stressful situation arises, you won’t be able to use substance.
  • Fears about your career and finances.
  • Both the fear of failure and of success in some cases.
  • Fears that without the substance, you won’t be an enjoyable person in your relationships.
  • Fears of death, ill-health and the loss of someone very important to you.

Tips for Beating Fear in Recovery

Fear is one of the obstacles to recovery from addiction that you must overcome in order to beat the relapse statistics. Thankfully, there are tips that you can follow to help you beat it. They are as follows:

Speak to a Professional – Fear can be crippling and can make a person feel isolated. There is always someone that can help such as a therapist at an addiction recovery center. If you’ve tried everything you can think of and still feel crippled by fear, then get in touch with a professional.

Dig Deep – One of the best ways to overcome fear is by facing it head on. Dig deep and uncover what is truly causing your fears because the understanding and acknowledgement of these fears can lessen the power they hold over you.

Stress Reduction Techniques – Activities such as mindfulness meditation can help a person to overcome their fear. In mindfulness meditation, a person learns to embrace and ride the wave of their negative emotions, letting it crest, break and dissipate.

Talk to a Friend – Talking to someone in an addiction recovery center isn’t the only way to release fears. Sometimes just talking to a loved one or a friend about what’s bothering you can do plenty to relieve fear.

Write it Down – Jumbled thoughts can make it difficult to work through a powerful emotion like fear. Writing in your journal can help to put your fears in words and help you to analyze the problem better.

Go to Meetings In recovery support groups such as the 12-step program, it can provide a space to share your fears and get helpful advice from your peers. Go to a meeting and share your experience.

Fake it Until You Make it – Positive thinking can feel futile at times, but the more you do it, the more it sticks. Work on thinking positively when faced with fear.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, get help right away. Make a phone call that will connect you to a professional drug treatment center. The call you make may save your life or the life of someone you love. Call us today at 1.800.429.7690.




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