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PCP Side Effects

While ingestion of phencyclidine (PCP) may initially produce feelings of euphoria, the short- and long-term side effects of PCP are anything but heavenly. The consequences of using PCP can include mental and physical disturbances that can last up to a year. Specific PCP side effects experienced by users can depend on daily use habits, the duration of an addiction, and the purity level of the drug, though many new addicts contend with severe complications after attempting to quit the drug cold turkey. The highly trained medical specialists in BetterAddictionCare's nationwide recovery network lead alternative rehab programs that are designed to help addicts get sober and free themselves from addictions to dangerous dissociative drugs like PCP. Call today to speak with a counselor who can help you locate an inpatient or outpatient program near you that is accepting new patients.

Individuals can experience serious side effects of PCP even when taking the drug at low or moderate doses. Vision problems, nausea, disturbed breathing, and sweating may all result from ingesting the drug. Numbness, lack of coordination, and loss of muscle control have all been linked to small doses. Those who take PCP are often besieged with feelings of detachment and have blank facial expressions as the drug ravages their minds and bodies. If your goal is to never experience the pernicious effects of PCP ingestion again, use our pre-screening tool and let us match you with the best rehab for you.

The physical body can bear the scars of this hallucinogen long after the last dose of PCP. Long-term effects can include psychological disturbances, such as depression and memory loss, and speech impairments. A potentially major side effect of using PCP is permanent damage to the central nervous system. Since the drug was initially developed as an anesthetic, abuse of the drug can lead to serious physical and psychological problems that can stay with addicts throughout the course of their lives. Successful recovery from PCP side effects can be achieved by getting professional help from medical specialists in BetterAddictionCare's network and completing a safe and comfortable detox under their supervision.

After sustained and severe abuse, addicts can develop strong appetites for PCP. Negative effects that result from cravings, like impulsiveness, aggression and erratic behavior, can impair users' abilities to lead normal and stable lives. Personal relationships can suffer, and professional obligations often become afterthoughts. Our recovery network boasts top medical professionals who can address all of the tangible and intangible complications that arise from the use of PCP. Drug side effects, including intense cravings, are immediately managed upon admission to a rehab as part of an individualized care plan that helps patients break free from the grip of PCP once and for all. Call today to get the help you need and start healing.

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