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Percocet Withdrawal

If you have decided to stop abusing Percocet, it may be difficult to know whether or not you should pursue addiction recovery under the supervision of medical personnel. Having a good understanding of typical Percocet withdrawal symptoms can help you make this decision. As you stop using Percocet in order to get sober, your body will readjust to life without the drug. You will experience several unpleasant side effects, the type and intensity of which will vary from person to person. Because of this, customized Percocet withdrawal treatment in one of the many accredited traditional or alternative rehab programs in our recovery network is highly recommended.

Withdrawal From Percocet

In general, Percocet withdrawal symptoms cause great discomfort but are not usually life-threatening. Many people have likened them to what you might experience during an illness or a flu. That's because those who are going through withdrawal may have to endure physical symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Addicts who are detoxing from the drug may also experience a runny nose and trouble regulating their body temperature. Fatigue and excessive yawning are also common parts of the Percocet withdrawal experience.

Taken together, these symptoms can be discouraging. Many addicts who try to quit cold turkey find themselves returning to the drug so that they can make the withdrawal symptoms go away. Those who are going through withdrawal also experience strong cravings for Percocet, and without medically supervised withdrawal, these cravings are more easily indulged. Percocet withdrawal treatment under the supervision of highly trained addiction specialists will make these physical symptoms easier to manage in a safe, comfortable setting. You will receive care that reduces physical discomfort, and you will not have access to the drug.

Psychological Percocet withdrawal symptoms can also make the process of detoxing difficult. For instance, addicts may experience anxiety during the withdrawal period. Depression and irritability are also common. A professional addiction recovery program where you can speak with a counselor during the rehab process can help you manage these psychological effects as you work toward recovery.

Get Customized Help

At BetterAddictionCare, we believe that individualized treatment is the best way to make it through Percocet withdrawal symptoms effectively. We can help you find a program near you and get help now. Just fill out our contact form or call today. We'll help you take the next steps in your Percocet withdrawal treatment and get sober.

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