Questions to Ask a Drug Rehab Center

Learn the top questions to ask drug rehab centers and find the best fit for your recovery.

Is drug addiction or abuse impacting you or the life of someone you love? If so, you may be looking into treatment and wondering what questions to ask a drug rehab center? Entering into a detox and rehab facility could literally mean the difference between life and death for some people addiction to drugs or alcohol. But in order to find the right center for you, you need to know how to choose a drug rehab facility. You may call us at Better Addiction Care and we can help you search for the right rehab center- 1-800-429-7690. 

Every rehab center is unique and varies in location, atmosphere, price, amenities, programs, insurance requirements and more. Program length and types of therapies will also differ. Knowing the right questions to ask can help you differentiate some of the best drug rehab centers from others, and will assist you in finding the right match. Here are 7 questions to ask a drug rehab center when making your choice:

  1. Is your center licensed, certified and/or accredited? – When someone enters into a rehab program, it is typically a very tumultuous time of his or her life. This is the moment to be in the hands of professionals who are skilled and experienced in helping you succeed against drug addiction. Don’t be afraid to inquire about a center’s credentials, if they are licensed, and accredited by third party agencies such as JCAHO. In addition, research third party sites online where you can usually find reviews from others who have been through the facility’s program.
  2. Will my treatment be customized? – Let’s face it…everyone’s addiction is different in some way. You may be addicted to more than one drug, have medical issues, have psychological disorders, etc. Because each situation is unique, it is important to have a drug rehab facility that will assess your situation and then complete a customized treatment plan based on your needs.
  3. What is the cost and does insurance cover any portion? – Price is typically a major factor and one of the most popular questions to ask a drug rehab center. So many factors affect the price of a rehab, from types of treatment to whether or not you are seeking a luxury rehab center or one that offers specific program lengths, etc. Discuss the price of treatment as well as any insurance coverage that may lower this price.
  4. What types of therapies are offered? – Some drug rehab centers today offer a wide variety of alternative therapy. This can include art and equine therapy, yoga, massage, nutrition programs, acupuncture, exercise, cooking and more. In addition, when discovering how to choose a drug rehab facility that’s right for you, find out about traditional treatment programs they offer, the length, if counseling is part of the program, aftercare services, support groups and more.
  5. Are you allowed to interact with family and friends? – Each facility will have its own rules. Some centers will want family and friends to take part in someone’s recovery, and this may include visitation or family therapy sessions. Other rehabs prefer for family and friends to stay away for a certain length of time of the therapy, so the individual can focus solely on recovery.
  6. Are medical professionals on site at all times? – One area of recovery that can make someone uncomfortable is detox, and this is because detox and withdrawal can cause someone to feel ill. While withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe, it is helpful to choose a detox facility when going through the withdrawal process. Here, medical professionals can administer medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and offer life saving medical care if necessary.
  7. Where are the center’s locations? – Some rehab centers have multiple location and others have just one. Location will most likely be a large factor in your final decision, and you should consider the following – do you want to be close to friends and family, or do you prefer to be in a new environment where no one knows you? Specific locations may also charge higher prices, so keep that in mind when choosing the best drug rehab center for you.

If you are seeking more tips on how to choose a drug rehab facility, visit On the website you will find numerous articles regarding factors to take into consideration when selecting a detox and rehab center, how rehab can help with drug addiction, gender specific rehabs and more.

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