Addiction Recovery Support Groups

Achieving sobriety is no small feat; maintaining it can be a daily struggle. Addiction recovery groups provide a forum for recovering addicts to receive guidance and support from others who are dealing with the same challenges, as well as offer their own learned lessons for the benefit of their peers. Different types of drug support groups address multiple forms of addiction, ranging from alcohol and drug abuse to gambling. Substance abuse support groups allow participants to encourage one another and can be a tremendous resource for those striving to get sober or maintain a healthy lifestyle after drug recovery.

How Addiction Support Groups Work

In an in an alcohol or drug addiction recovery group, participants practice collective sobriety through a series of exercises and addiction counseling. One recognized example of this concept is the 12-step program, in which an individual follows a sequence of twelve principles to reconcile past substance abuse and personal mistakes for the sake of a healthier, happier future. This is not to say that all addiction support groups follow this template; there are many paths to recovery, including alternative addiction treatment programs. Some focus primarily on open discussion amongst members, whereas others seek to provide education on how to resist residual substance urges and manage daily life in a healthy way. There are also family recovery groups, where loved ones and supporters of those in recovery can find encouragement and assistance.

How to Find the Right Addiction Recovery Group

Drug support groups exist and operate all over the United States. Finding one may be as easy as opening a phone book. However, there are some questions you should ask to ensure that you’ve found the right support group match for yourself or a loved one. That’s where our nationwide network of rehabs and addiction recovery centers comes in.

  • “Is it trustworthy?” – Make sure the group has an established presence and someone to contact if you have questions. Regardless of whether you hear about it from a friend or a medical professional, do some research before committing.
  • “Is it confidential?” – BetterAddictionCare’s services are 100% confidential. A good support group will have a similar policy to protect the privacy of their members.
  • “What happens in a meeting?” – Learn about what goes on in a typical meeting and what subjects will be addressed. Support groups should encourage and empower their participants and provide education on how to cope with relapse and cravings.
  • “Who runs the show?” – Most support groups will have a group leader to guide the discussion, but others may run on a more diplomatic system.

Substance Abuse Support Groups: A Recovery Community

An addiction recovery group is an excellent way to join with others in the community and pursue healing together. It’s also a method to help smooth the transfer of sober living habits from an inpatient or outpatient rehab facility into everyday life. BetterAddictionCare’s highly trained staff does offer after-treatment support services, but sometimes, the individualized support and friendship of peers may be the key to a successful addiction recovery. If you’re having trouble locating a group in your community, we can help. Fill out our contact form or call today to speak with a counselor or get more information on addiction support groups and top recovery facilities near you.

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