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When it comes to choosing the right rehab center, nothing should be left to chance. For those addicts who have severe addictions and are interested in obtaining quality care, private rehabs provide all of the support and resources that are needed to recover from addiction and stay sober. A luxury environment, progressive approaches to treatment, individualized care programs, and aftercare management are large components of what makes private rehabs so sought-after and successful. Our recovery network contains a variety of private alcohol rehab clinics and drug treatment facilities, and our pre-assessment can be the first step toward finding the perfect recovery center for your needs.

3 Minute Read | Published Oct 05 2023 | Updated Oct 05 2023

A private rehab is funded by patients and their insurers. In contrast, a public rehab may depend on federal or state funds, such as Medicaid, to provide its financial resources. While public rehab centers may offer cost-effective treatment for those of modest means, long waiting lists can work against the interests of patients, especially those who need to get sober quickly. Private facilities are almost always accepting new patients and are more likely to practice state-of-the-art modalities of treatment. In addition, private establishments tend to employ highly trained or renowned professionals who create customized treatment plans that put patients first and treat the disease of addiction as an affliction affecting an entire person.

Many addicts who want to start healing in private drug rehab centers choose them for their addiction recovery needs because they know that these facilities often offer excellent care and services. Luxurious amenities, including recreational activities, art and holistic therapies, nutritious meals, and scenic views, can be attractive to patients who want to be made comfortable or surrounded by beauty during this stressful period. Like public rehabs, private rehabilitation centers provide inpatient detox programs designed to rid patients’ bodies of drugs and other toxins that contribute to their addictions. The private facilities found in our recovery network staff highly trained physicians who administer detoxes for particularly severe dependencies. We can help connect you with a top private rehab that develops customized treatment plans that include medically assisted detoxes so that any attempt at breaking free of drugs of alcohol can be met with success.

At BetterAddictionCare, we realize that when clients need to get help now, they can’t afford a moment’s hesitation, and that’s why the private rehabilitation centers in our recovery network offer immediate admissions. Private rehabs typically offer a few different payment options, including upfront payment and installment plans. If you have private insurance and would like to use it to cover your treatment services, call today to speak with a counselor who can help you find the right facility near you that accepts it. We’ll discuss all of the options available to you, whether you’re considering private alcohol treatment centers or alternative rehab programs designed to combat drug addiction. Our conversation and your admission will remain 100% confidential so that you can recover in peace and on your own terms.


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