rehabs in Minneapolis

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rehabs in Minneapolis

As a victim of severe addiction looking for the best rehabs in Minneapolis, you need access to the best treatment modalities available. At Better Addiction Care, we specialize in helping individuals find the treatment they need to recover and embrace sobriety in the long run.

How to ensure the rehab treatment’s success

Studies show that the majority of individuals completing a rehab program will relapse at least once over the years. In some cases, the percentage can reach 80% or more, depending on the patients’ age group, mental health, living conditions, etc. But can you increase the treatment’s success and prevent the same pitfall as so many other patients? Yes, you can, and some of the things you can do include:

  • Finding the top rehab centers in Minneapolis – High-end facilities will offer a higher level of care than those on the lower end of the spectrum. Your goal should be to only settle for the best you can find in terms of treatment, costs, amenities, and living conditions.
  • Remaining focused on your goals – The rehabilitation treatment will test your will, as overcoming the withdrawal and combating cravings will take serious time. So long as you remain determined to see the treatment through, your chances of attaining sobriety will increase tenfold.
  • Preparing for a different lifestyle post-rehab – You need to understand that your life post-addiction has to change. You can’t live doing the same things, remain around the same triggers, and deal with the same problems you used to. Undergoing inpatient treatment at major addiction treatment centers near me will help you develop a healthy living routine for years to follow.

Why our services are essential

Obviously, everything begins with choosing the right rehab facility to address your condition and provide personalized treatment. This is where we play our part. We have access to the leading Minneapolis rehab centers and know what differentiates the great from the subpar ones. Some of the aspects we consider when looking for the center that fits your profile the best include:

  • The available rehab programs – The perfect rehab facility should come with all the foundational programs, including inpatient program, dual diagnosis, IOP, PHP, MAT, outpatient services, sober living, and aftercare. These will provide you with a unique and well-rounded recovery experience, drastically improving the treatment’s success.
  • Available amenities and living conditions – You deserve the best services and Minneapolis addiction and mental health treatment in the finest locations available. Your treatment of choice should come with good food, luxurious amenities and living conditions, and plenty of holistic treatments and recreational activities.
  • The staff’s expertise and attitude – We want to see qualified professionals with a positive, welcoming, and friendly attitude. This is another critical factor that will help us trim the local rehabs in Minneapolis in our search for the best one for you.

If you’re interested in our services, call 800-429-7690 and discuss with our Better Addiction Care experts today. You can verify your insurance and ask for additional information on rehab facilities and available recovery programs via our helpline.

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