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rehabs in Raleigh

What’s more important – the rehab center or the programs it offers? At Better Addiction Care, we know that many addiction victims struggle with this question a lot when looking to determine the ideal facility for their condition. Our job is to provide you with a relevant answer to help you choose the finest rehabs in Raleigh.

Why the rehabilitation programs are essential for recovery from addiction

The rehab programs will define your recovery journey. The more optimized, effective, and comfortable they are, the higher the chance that the treatment will be a success. The top rehab centers in Raleigh, NC, should provide access to the leading rehab programs available, including:

  • Medical detox – It is a procedure consisting of medication plans, individual and group therapy, and counseling sessions. The treatment comes first in line in the rehab process, aiming to cleanse your body, diminish the withdrawal’s impact, and stabilize your cognitive functioning. It is the ideal recovery procedure for patients dealing with aggressive withdrawal and dangerous addiction side-effects, preparing them for upcoming rehab treatments.
  • Inpatient treatment – The inpatient or residential treatment is the most intensive form of rehab. It consists of several months of therapy in a safe, comfortable, and conducive environment. The inpatient program is vital for patients who require intensive care and 24/7 assistance.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – Most addiction treatment centers near me offer dual diagnosis assistance to individuals showing signs of co-occurring disorders. The treatment generally consists of medication and therapy but may involve numerous other procedures as well, depending on your condition’s profile.
  • Outpatient programs and aftercare – Outpatient programs take people in for therapy and treatment every week. They are different than inpatient program in that it allows patients to return home after treatment. This will cut down the costs of housing while still ensuring optimal treatment to those who need it. The aftercare program follows soon after, providing you with long-term clinical and psychiatric assistance, depending on your needs.

The ideal Raleigh rehab centers should also ensure holistic healing modalities and recreational activities as part of their programs These will uplift your spirit, strengthen your mind and body, and allow you to have meaningful interactions with other patients in rehab.

The rehab center’s profile also matters

Finding a reputed and reliable facility is also a must if you need premier Raleigh addiction and mental health treatment. Your rehab facility of choice should have:

  • A variety of rehab procedures and modalities
  • Vast experience in handling problems similar to yours
  • A team of experienced and friendly clinicians and health professionals
  • State-of-the-art amenities
  • Luxurious living conditions
  • Affordable prices and several payment options available, etc.

We can guide you towards the finest rehabs in Raleigh to help you get into treatment as soon as possible. If you’re interested in contacting Better Addiction Care, you can call 800-42907690 now. Discuss your case with our professionals, verify your insurance, and allow us to help you prepare for treatment. Our helpline is open every day if you need help.

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