rehabs in San Antonio

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rehabs in San Antonio

At Better Addiction Care, we know that preparing for rehab treatment can be an intimidating and even scary experience. If you’re seeking to join the best rehabs in San Antonio, knowing how to prepare for the experience is essential. Here’s a checklist to consider when preparing for inpatient treatment:

Inform the people around you of the situation

The inpatient treatment will last for a minimum of 30 days, 90 days at most. It’s also usually the first phase in the rehab process, as all top rehab centers in San Antonio, TX, offer comprehensive follow-up treatments as well. This means that the rehab process may take you through a several month-long journey.

You need to inform your family, friends, and co-workers of the situation so that they can act accordingly. You should also make necessary arrangements to have someone take over your daily obligations, including taking care of elderly family members, pets, etc.

Settle your obligations first

When seeking for the finest addiction treatment centers near me, you need to consider the possibility of the unexpected. You might need to undergo additional treatment procedures, which could make the treatment longer. Make sure you have all your bills covered before you go and solve any legal issues if necessary.

You should do the same at work, after informing your employer about the situation. Being open and transparent about it will prevent any unwanted complications at work and make everybody’s lives easier.

Pack the essentials

Most San Antonio rehab centers rely on intensive inpatient treatment to help patients manage the withdrawal effectively. The rehab center will become your home for the months to follow, so you should prepare accordingly. This means packing essential items like personal hygiene items (toothbrush, razor and shaving cream, shampoo, sunblock, etc.), clothes (socks, pajamas, bathrobe, indoor slippers, etc.).

You may also wish to bring pictures of loved ones, a journal to collect your experiences, books, or whatever else you might consider necessary.

Optimism and determination

These are probably your most essential tools to bring during rehab. The San Antonio addiction and mental health treatment is a demanding process both mentally and emotionally. The rehabilitation process itself is naturally strenuous, especially in the initial phases. So long as you keep your mind straight and show the determination to complete the program, the treatment will succeed.

The rehab program will help you develop a daily living routine involving recovery modalities like psychotherapy sessions, counseling meetings, group recreational activities, etc. You may also participate in workshops to develop essential life skills if you want. A healthy dose of optimism and realism will help you get through the treatment and overcome your condition easier.

If you’re interested in finding the premier rehabs in San Antonio, we recommend contacting our professionals at Better Addiction Care today. Verify your insurance at 800-429-7690 and contact our professionals to discuss your treatment options. We will find the best rehab treatment to meet your recovery goals and needs as soon as possible.

rehabs in San Antonio

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