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rehabs in San Diego

Better Addiction Care ranks among the leading helpline providers with access to some of the best rehabs in San Diego. We know that choosing the suitable rehab facility can make or break your treatment’s success. For this reason, our goal is to help addiction victims get the treatment they need and fits their profile the best.

If you’re looking for the top rehab centers in San Diego, CA, you need to know that you have two treatment options available – traditional (public) rehab and private rehab. Several fundamental differences between them can make one more adequate for you over the other.

Traditional rehab

Traditional rehab is part of the public system, benefitting from state funding. The positive aspect is that it’s generally more affordable than private rehab programs. A critical aspect to mention is that the quality of service can vary vastly between different public rehab facilities. It all depends on the state where the facility resides in. The wealthier the state is, the more funding the facility will get.

This means that if you happen to live in a mediocre or poor state, your chances at quality public rehab are slim. Traditional rehab comes with several other specifics, including:

  • Difficult access to treatment – Waiting lists tend to be rather meaty due to the high demand in this sector. This means that addiction victims in need of urgent assistance at public addiction treatment centers near me will have long waiting periods to endure.
  • Treatment diversity is low – Traditional rehab facilities tend to rely on the same treatment methods, no matter the patient’s profile. Due to this, the treatment tends to fail more often due to inadequate approaches.
  • Poor staff preparation and involvement – Poorer states have little to offer other than suboptimal staff with poor qualifications and expertise.

Private rehab

Private San Diego centers are overwhelmingly more popular thanks to the higher service quality, staff-to-client ratio, and innovative rehab modalities. Unlike traditional facilities, the private sector is more open to innovation and adaptability. This translates in:

  • Improved treatment diversity – Private facilities offer a blend of both conventional and progressive treatment modalities. Some of the core features include religious-based programs, LGBTQ-oriented programs, gender-based rehab services, family support, holistic healing modalities, etc.
  • Multiple payment options – Most private facilities providing San Diego addiction and mental health treatment have several payment options available. These may include scale and gradual payments, insurance coverage, and out-of-pocket expenses when needed. Each facility comes with its specific options, so asking prior to committing to the program is the best strategy.
  • Shorter waiting lists – While private rehabs in San Diego also have their own waiting lists, these are nowhere near as crowded as in the public sector. This means that private programs are more fitting for individuals struggling with severe addiction who need help fast.

Better Addiction Care is available for contact at 800-429-7690 if you wish to discuss your case and prepare for treatment. Call our center, verify your insurance, and let’s find a solution to your problems together!

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