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rehabs in San Francisco

At Better Addiction Care, we know that finding the best rehabs in San Francisco is vital for people dealing with advanced addiction, requiring immediate assistance. If you’re unaware of what rehab centers you can find in the San Francisco area, here are a few examples:

  1. Addiction Research and Treatment – A rehabilitation facility with over 40 years of experience in rehab and recovery. This center comes with a team of specialized rehab professionals, primary care, personalized recovery programs, and patient-oriented services. You can contact them if you want to undergo the intake process asap to prevent your condition from aggravating any further.
  2. Bayview Hunters Point Foundation – A residential facility ranking among the top rehab centers in San Francisco. Some of their core programs include inpatient care, dual diagnosis treatment, and extensive mental health services.
  3. Kaiser Permanente – This is a more wellness and sober living-oriented facility specializing in assisting recovering addicts with social reintegration. This center is perfect if you’ve already completed the rehab program and seek additional assistance with sober living. Their programs include life care planning, long-term mental health, social stability, relapse prevention planning, etc.
  4. Berkeley Addiction Treatment Services – You will find a variety of recovery services at Berkeley, including medically-assisted detox and withdrawal maintenance, counseling, prevention services, social assistance, and much more. They operate under the highest quality standards in the business, stressing the importance of patient-oriented clinical assistance.
  5. Marin Treatment Center – A facility for outpatient services specializing in treatment, prevention, and social reintegration assistance. They offer mental health assistance and therapy to help you manage cravings and prevent relapse over the years. The Marin Treatment Center is the ideal choice if you’ve completed the inpatient treatment and require follow-up care to help you adapt to a self-sufficient lifestyle.

These are only five of the several rehabilitation facilities in your area that can provide you the treatment you need. But navigating all these options can be mission impossible for most addiction victims who require help fast. This is where our professional come in, helping you find the premier addiction treatment centers near me asap.

Why our helpline works

Being in the rehab business for so long has allowed us to connect to the leading San Francisco, CA, rehab centers in the industry. We know what most of our clients need, and we know how to get them the vital treatment. There are several aspects that we consider when assessing a rehab center’s worthiness:

  • The expertise and experience in the business
  • The range of rehabilitation services available
  • Whether the facility offers both conventional and innovative rehabilitation services
  • Whether the facility incorporates holistic principles
  • The staff’s expertise and professionalism, etc.

Finding the finest rehabs in San Francisco is easier with a team of professionals doing the hard work for you. Your job is to prepare for rehab and solve your personal and professional obligations while our experts work to find the best rehab deal for you.

If you need immediate San Francisco addiction and mental health treatment today, call Better Addiction Care at 800-429-7690.

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