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Better Addiction Care can help you find the best Tucson drug treatment programs for a lasting recovery. We're here to guide and support you.
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rehabs in Tucson

As a victim of severe addiction, receiving medical and psychiatric support in the best rehabs in Tucson is essential for a smooth and safe recovery experience. At Better Addiction Care, we know that getting professional assistance fast can help you overcome these troubled times with a minimum of discomfort.

Why you need to come to a rehab center

Substance addiction is a chronic and progressive illness with numerous dangerous health side-effects. Self-treatments are overall ineffective since most patients relapse in the process and come with a lot of potential health risks. We have access to the top rehab centers in Tucson, AZ, providing transformative rehab programs essential to your recovery like:

  • Medical detoxification – The treatment relies on targeted medication plans to counter the withdrawal, minimize the physical and mental discomfort related to your condition, and prepare you for upcoming inpatient rehab. The detox treatment is critical in the initial phases of rehab when the patient is the most unstable and in need of extensive care.
  • Inpatient rehabilitation – The inpatient/residential treatment is a fundamental procedure in the rehabilitation process. It’s prevalent in most addiction treatment centers near me and rely on a strict schedule, placing patients in a controlled and relaxing environment. The goal is to keep them under constant supervision to prevent relapse and any potential health complications while helping patients develop a healthy living routine.
  • Outpatient treatments (PHP, IOP) – These outpatient programs work as extensions of the inpatient treatment. They provide patients with weekly therapy sessions, promoting social reintegration, community involvement, and peer support. They make for the ideal rehab option if you can’t afford inpatient care or simply lack the time for it.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – Most reputed Tucson rehab centers offer mental health support and treatment via extensive dual diagnosis programs. These programs are critical for your mental health, allowing you to identify and address underlying mental health problems. Some of these issues may be responsible for your harmful behaviors, which is why getting dual diagnosis treatment is key to a smooth rehabilitation process with long-lasting benefits.

How will we help you?

We are not a rehab facility but a third-party information and guidance entity. We specialize in pairing people with the rehabilitation treatments that fit their profile and cover their needs. Our success comes from our structured approach, as we assess each facility’s worth by looking at their:

  • Treatment diversity and program flexibility
  • The use of holistic recovery modalities (massage, yoga, gym workouts, meditation, IV therapy, spiritual programs, etc.)
  • The center’s reviews and customer support
  • Successful stories detailing the program’s reliability
  • The staff’s expertise, qualifications, and overall attitude, etc.

There are many other aspects that we consider before pairing our patients with a specific rehab facility, including if they offer a personalized Tucson addiction and mental health treatment.

If you’re ready for your first experience with the leading rehabs in Tucson, call our facility today at 800-429-7690. You can discuss with our professionals at Better Addiction Care to verify your insurance and prepare for treatment as soon as possible.

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