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Sleeping Pill Withdrawal

When any type of drug has become an important part of your life, it can be tough to walk away. Over time, the body becomes accustomed to and dependent upon it in order to function. In the case of hypnotics, also known as sleeping pills, a person may not even realize that there is a problem until they try to fall asleep without the medication. Dependence on the medication creates sleeping pill withdrawal when a person attempts to stop taking the drug.

If you've started to notice that sleeping pills have become a necessary part of your routine, it's time to get help now. BetterAddictionCare works with patients to find the right treatment center with customized programs that can help you end your addiction and manage your withdrawal from sleeping pills. Whether you are searching for a facility through our nationwide recovery network or you need a center near you that is accepting new patients, we can connect you with professional assistance. Call today to speak with a counselor. We can help you find the method of treatment that's best for you and your family.

Trying to stop taking sleeping pills all at one time can be a real challenge. Both the body and the mind have become dependent on what the medication offers. Without it, serious disruptions in sleep can occur. Withdrawal from sleeping pills should be medically supervised to ensure that it's safe and as comfortable as possible. Many highly trained physicians suggest tapering off gradually from the medication in order to help the body make the necessary adjustments. This could make sleeping pill withdrawal more manageable, giving patients a higher success rate for recovery.

Psychological withdrawal symptoms can cause a patient to believe that they need sleeping pills in order to maintain their current lifestyle, sleep at regular times, and get enough rest. For these patients, addiction counseling can be helpful. Therapy deals with the dependence on the medication while also offering helpful coping skills and lifestyle changes that can make it easier to live without sleeping pills. Some of the top alternative rehab programs focus on relaxation breathing, visualization, and even activities like yoga to help patients regain control of their lives and sleep cycles.

You don't need to struggle through withdrawal from sleeping pills alone. We understand your fears and concerns and want to help you find a comfortable solution that will work for you. Fill out our contact form and let us give you a better understanding of what addiction is and how you can break free and start healing.

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