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For many smokers, smoking became part of fitting in at school or cultivating a new image as a more independent person. Few consider the long-term impact of that first cigarette or how addictive the practice can be. Smoking increases an individual’s chances of contracting lung cancer, heart disease, and respiratory problems. The good news is that anyone of any age can quit smoking. Addiction treatment is available to help manage the symptoms of withdrawal and residual cravings, giving smokers the tools they need to break free from cigarettes and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Why Would I Need Rehab for Smoking Cigarettes?

All tobacco products, including cigarettes, contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance. In fact, the risk of becoming addicted after the first cigarette is greater than the risk of becoming addicted after using marijuana, cocaine, or alcohol for the first time. Nicotine alters the brain’s natural chemistry to increase feelings of pleasure and wellness when it is introduced to the body. Smoking rehab centers provide treatment that can help smokers acclimate to decreasing levels of nicotine, making it easier to quit smoking altogether. It is possible to quit without enrolling in a rehab for smoking, but those who attempt this method may suffer from unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and struggle to prevent relapses.

What Does Smoking Addiction Treatment Include?

As with treatment for other forms of substance abuse, a rehab for smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products will typically have a medically assisted detox available for those who need it. This includes treatment of withdrawal symptoms to help keep clients safe and comfortable during their recovery as well as methods to assist with the gradual tapering off of nicotine use. Smoking rehab centers will also offer addiction counseling and may provide exercise or meditation classes to help patients cope with cravings. One of the most valuable assets a rehab for smokers can provide is assistance and support when necessary. Clients will be able to learn how to identify their triggers and develop strategies to deal with cravings in a controlled environment, which can then be introduced into their daily routine.

How to Find a Rehab for Smokers

Making the decision to quit smoking is a tremendous and admirable step to take. The next requires figuring out which of the many available smoking rehab centers will be best suited to an individual. Addiction is a personal struggle, and at BetterAddictionCare, we’re strong proponents of the belief that addiction treatment should be customized accordingly. Make sure that a rehab for smoking is fully accredited and staffed by highly trained personnel and offers on-site medical and psychological care. If you’re having difficulty finding the right rehab center for yourself or a loved one, BetterAddictionCare offers a range of services that can help.

We work with a nationwide recovery network of professional rehab facilities, and our pre-screening assessment can sort through those centers to find the best program match for you. Our team of client care specialists can assist with the coordination of any transportation and private insurance requirements, allowing a seamless transition into recovery. The rehab facilities in our network are always accepting new patients, and admissions are immediate. After the program ends, we’re proud to offer post-treatment support services to our clients.

If you’re ready to get help now and quit smoking for good, BetterAddictionCare can help. Call today or fill out our contact form and start healing in one of the country’s top smoking rehab centers.

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