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The road of addiction recovery is not easy. One of the first steps that must be overcome, the withdrawal process, can be draining and discouraging. However, there is Suboxone withdrawal treatment that is specially designed to help with Suboxone withdrawal symptoms. BetterAddictionCare can connect you to alternative rehab programs across the country that provide Suboxone withdrawal help.

Symptoms of Withdrawal from Suboxone

Withdrawal from Suboxone can be an unpleasant experience. As the body struggles to regain equilibrium without the drug, headaches, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, and other flu-like symptoms, including fevers and chills, can make it difficult to carry on daily activities. In addition to the physical symptoms of withdrawal from Suboxone, there are several psychological symptoms that can manifest, including depression, difficulty concentrating, irritability, and a strong craving for the drug. The strength of the symptoms varies according to how long the individual was on the drug and how much of the drug was taken. Most symptoms of withdrawal from Suboxone fade after a few weeks, but some symptoms may continue for as long as months. Professional Suboxone withdrawal treatment can help manage these lingering effects and contribute to as successful addiction recovery.

Assisted vs. Unassisted Withdrawal

In an unassisted withdrawal, the individual must deal with the effects of withdrawal alone, without medical intervention or comforts. This can be a dangerous time, as many may use other drugs or return to Suboxone to treat the withdrawal symptoms. This can lead to serious side or allergic reactions, especially if the substances mix badly together. Assisted withdrawal, by contrast, provides help with Suboxone withdrawal symptoms. In this situation, the individual can find Suboxone withdrawal help in a safe, supportive environment. Medical assistance will help allay some of the worst symptoms of withdrawal for a notably more comfortable addiction recovery.

How to Find Assisted Withdrawal Treatment

It can be tricky to know where to find professional, comfortable, and customized withdrawal care. BetterAddictionCare has a nationwide recovery network comprised of accredited facilities with highly trained, compassionate staff dedicated to providing the support you need on your journey to sobriety. We offer an individualized pre-screening to determine the best treatment center match for you, and, as with all our services, this process is 100% confidential. Our network is composed of both outpatient and inpatient facilities and will work with you to accommodate your specific needs and preferences.

Once admitted, a medically-assisted detox, planned with your unique medical and drug history in mind and designed to keep you comfortable through withdrawal, will be overseen by highly trained, professional medical staff. After detoxing from Suboxone, BetterAddictionCare will match you with a committed Recovery Team near you to provide continuing support. Don’t wait to start healing. Call today or fill out our contact form for more information and find the right Suboxone withdrawal treatment for you.

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