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Heroin Street Names

Heroin is a highly addictive substance that leaves users craving another fix. Family members often contact BetterAddictionCare, looking for information and asking, "What are street names for heroin?" The numerous nicknames for heroin can make it confusing for loved ones who may be worried about a family member's erratic or unstable behavior. Knowing various heroin drug names can give you the knowledge you need to recognize addiction.

Heroin is a fine powder that may be white, brown, gray, or black. Users inject, smoke, or inhale heroin. One of the risks of buying heroin is the unknown potency of the drug, which means that a user could easily take a lethal dose because the heroin is stronger than assumed. After using heroin for the first time, the user experiences a powerful feeling of euphoria and happiness. However, these first feelings don't last, and they aren't replicated with continuous use. Instead, an addiction quickly sets in. This addiction leads the user to continue using heroin to avoid the unpleasant physical feelings that occur when not under the influence of heroin.

A number of nicknames for heroin are freely used when referring to the drug. These heroin drug names may vary depending on the geographic region and culture of the users. Some common heroin names include:

  • "smack"
  • "skag"
  • "dope"
  • "brown sugar"
  • "dragon"
  • "chiva"
  • "skunk"
  • "junk"
  • "tar"
  • "scat"
  • "hero"
  • "big H"
  • "snow"

Some Spanish words for heroin include "blanco," "gato," "la buena," and "tigre."

As you begin to question, "What are street names for heroin," we invite you to contact BetterAddictionCare to get help now. As a nationwide network of drug addiction treatment facilities, we operate with a single goal: To help people start healing. The process of matching you or a loved one with the right drug rehab center begins with a personal treatment assessment that helps determine an individualized course of addiction treatment to fit every patient. Our professional Client Care Specialists are available now to walk you through the first steps and offer recommendations. If we don't have an inpatient facility near you, we can even arrange transportation to a facility. Client Care Specialists also help arrange private insurance coverage to ensure cost-effective treatment.

Don't waste another second; get help today. Call or fill out our contact form to connect with our caring and compassionate team. Many facilities also provide medically assisted detox, which keeps patients safe and comfortable as they begin recovering from a heroin addiction. Then patients proceed with addiction counseling to address the underlying reasons for the addictive behavior. Isn't it time to speak with a counselor to get sober?

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