Three Dead, Over 100 with Severe Bleeding from Synthetic Marijuana Side Effects

Synthetic Marijuana Side Effects Cause Three Deaths and Over 100 with Severe Bleeding

Out of all the synthetic drugs marketed as safe alternatives, synthetic marijuana is among the most deadly. In Illinois, there was a third reported death from the severe bleeding that synthetic marijuana causes. The synthetic marijuana side effects have now resulted in 107 cases of severe bleeding. This trend is continuing to rise according to Nirav D. Shah, the director of the IDPH.

What is Synthetic Marijuana?

Synthetic marijuana is another in the line of designer drugs, which are designed to mimic other drugs while avoiding legalities. It is known under names such as ‘Crazy Monkey’, ‘Blue Giant’, ‘Spice’, ‘K2’ and ‘Matrix’. Various dried plants are used which are then sprayed with the chemical mixtures. It is then smoked or used in a vaporizer.

The cause of spice drug deaths can be explained by the dangerous chemicals that are used since there is no regulation on the substance. Manufacturers often use harmful chemicals to ‘enhance’ the effect it has on a person. However, this can eventually result in spice drug deaths.

The Reason Why Synthetic Marijuana is Dangerous

Initially, the drug was marketed as a safe version of marijuana, promising a high with none of the synthetic marijuana side effects we see today. But since there is no regulation on the manufacturers, there is no telling what’s inside. Some reports show the presence of rat poison among other dangerous chemicals. A Chicago store clerk was charged earlier for selling the drug laced with rat poison.

Each batch may contain other dangerous chemicals as manufacturers continue to change their product to avoid the law. The public is encouraged not to try this possibly-fatal combination of chemicals.

Synthetic Marijuana Side Effects

The rodent poison that was found in this batch of synthetic marijuana is what is causing the severe bleeding. People have reported that soon after taking the drug, they passed blood in their urine, coughed-up blood, suffered from internal bleeding, and had uncontrollable nose bleeds and blood coming from their gums. The culprit behind these synthetic marijuana side effects is brodifacoum – a common ingredient in rat poison.

So far, synthetic marijuana deaths were reported in two men in their 20s and one older male in his 40s. Two of the synthetic marijuana deaths were in central Illinois and one in Chicago.


Spice is addictive, and with an addiction comes drug-seeking behavior and all of the problems that an addict has, including psychological issues and health problems. Stopping alone is not always possible because of the cravings and intense withdrawal symptoms that occur, sometimes just hours after the last use. Through a professional care setting, such as a drug rehab, addicts can find the help they need to not only get through withdrawal easier, but also get the therapy and treatments they need to quit substance abuse for good.

Rehab programs usually start with a detox period aimed at helping the addict safely detoxify from the drug in a supervised manner. Once the person’s physical and mental health has been mostly restored after the detox, they can then begin with the therapy needed to prevent relapse. This can be achieved by using either an inpatient or outpatient program, or a combination of the two.

Get help today for spice abuse before your next dose becomes your last. Give Better Addiction Care a call today at 1-800-429-7690 for more information or treatment.


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