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Adaap is located in Austin, Texas.
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Google Reviews

Was really a quality experience. Ms. Joyce made my orientation feel like a homecoming. Big Don E. was instrumental in congealing the varied personalities and stories of the group into a quality relaxed therapeutic environment. I would definitely recommend Don E. to any friend needing a cool older uncle to navigate their recovery.

Travis Blake, 1 month ago

The staff is great. They work with you on every step of the way. I just left today's class feeling less stress on my shoulders and feeling like a better me. I'm looking forward to future meetings and its great that they dedicate a night for family night where you can bring any of your family. They truly care.

Mark Ramirez, 1 month ago

The staff at ADAAP are amazing. The experience was educational, enlightening and compassionate. The fact that they offer weekend classes is great! Would definitely recommend being a part of the class with Miss Joyce's leadership and care.

Arista Hageman, 2 months ago

Ms. Joyce is fantastic. She really cares about your well being and is there for you every step of the way. She is a terrific inspiration and a great motivator for self improvement. By far the best woman to help people improve and stay sober. I owe so much to her!

Dave R, 2 months ago

Hands down to ADAAP in Austin, TX for their great program! I love the fact that they don’t judge anyone that walks through the door. I love you Miss Joyce! You have always been awesome with me and others!

Marcus Sierra, 2 months ago

I've been through this program twice. I am very blessed to have found the program. The staff is amazing and very insightful. Its the most affordable program in austin and the best. I love you guys and thank you for all the healing.

Oscar Tovar, 3 months ago

Thoughtful, experienced, compassionate. Nothing short of miraculous, Miss Joyce walked me through the TERRIFYING prospect of truth and love in my life. Lynette will keep your affairs in order with a smile and shocking wisdom. Everyone there is so much more than helpful, they are the perfect storm of people to make getting your life in order more manageable. I don't know how to express the gratitude and LOVE I feel for everyone in that building.

KIT MASON, 4 months ago

After dealing with many rude, condescending people throughout the legal system, it was such a completely different experience dealing with the counselors and staff at ADAAP. Finding ADAAP was the one bright spot in many months of frustration and hassle. From the first experience I had of speaking to Rainbow, their receptionist on the phone, to the amazing compassionate counselors, to the friendships I have formed with other people in treatment, my entire experience with ADAAP has been positive. Not to mention they have multiple, flexible class schedules which made it easy for me to attend meetings around my work schedule. And they have been very willing to work within my budget and put me on a payment plan so I can afford treatment. Thanks ADAAP!

Marchello Diaz, 5 months ago

Although I came for legal reasons I experienced an eye-opening and very helpful journey towards helping my life in a positive mannet. I would recommend ADAAP TO anyone looking to help themselves an others get clean and stay that way, as well as achieving knowledge and mental clarity. Thanks y'all!

Matthew Chavez, 5 months ago

I have to say that ADAAP is the best IOP rehab i have ever experienced.Their staff Feels like family and 100% devoted to recovery! Their curriculum is self reflective and gave me the tools to deal with recovery and relapse prevention. Their format is based on OPEN CONVERSATIONS , which allowed me to express myself and relate to others by sharing our story and learning about our character defects and how to manage them.. THANK YOU ADAAP

lance duckworth, 5 months ago

This place has been nothing but good to me. From the very first day I started in the program, I felt right at home. Every single one of the staff is so caring and helpful. I had the pleasure of Miss Joyce being my counselor. She was not only my counselor, but my friend. This program really helped me realize my addictions and take steps to stopping them.

Kayla Huddleston, 5 months ago

I can't thank ADAAP and their staff enough for their immense sincerity and support. It was difficult trying to bring myself to terms to admitting I had a problem and getting help. These reasons were due to the simple doubt I had of, does this even work? Am I wasting my time? Do they even care? Why would I embarrass myself like this and so forth. I can tell you it does work, you won't waste your time, you won't feel embarrased, I was so comfortable and they all really cared a lot! I would recommend this program to anyone who seeks help for any type of addiction. It's changed my life tremendously and I'm grateful of this program every single day!

Ashley-Lauren Williams, 5 months ago

I can't believe how relatable everyone is. It is an amazing place to get sober if you want it they can give it to you! Mrs. Joyce and Mrs. Lanette are amazing women always happy to see you when you walk in. I believe everyone there is wonderful. Best treatment center I have ever been to. Thanks adaap for keeping me sober!

Mehgan Green, 6 months ago

The staff truly seem to care. Relations with staff and classmates extend beyond the required class time. Has also provided me the tools to carry on and remain sober and not just "dry".

Homer R, 6 months ago

I can’t thank this place enough for helping me out during some rough patches in my life. The counselors and employees are one of a kind! Especially Rainbow! I’m glad I decided to go with such a wonderful facility!!

Berry Picker57, 7 months ago

When you hear of outpatient treatment or meetings, you automatically think of everyone sitting in a circle telling them some sob story of their life. Adaap is not like that at all. I had to go in due to it being court mandated and I thought it was going to be the longest 6 weeks of my life but I have to say it has not been. If you need to get some outpatient treatment, come here. Every counselor and staff member is so welcoming and understanding. I have the pleasure of working with Ms. Joyce and it has been amazing. She is very real and does not judge. She works hard to make sure that we deal with the alcohol or drug problem but also within ourselves. Speaking with everyone and hearing their own advice has been beyond helpful. If other treatments have not worked, try here.

Cassandra Griffin, 7 months ago

I first walked in ADAAP thinking I was about to waste more money but it was worth every penny. This program is here for you. All you have to do is have an open mind. Even the smallest effort of your part will make a difference. Mrs Joyce has the biggest heart and she is sincere about wanting to help you reach sobriety. Frankly ADAAP and Mrs Joyce have been my answer and I thank them for that.

David Saenz, 8 months ago

ADAAP has saved my life. They really work with you on your payment plan. The staff also really cares about your well being. It is a very welcoming place to be. Would recommend to anyone needing this kind of help or support!

Peter Bullara, 8 months ago

I came here 6 weeks ago, court mandated. At first I came because of the same reason, and I thought it was just another boring class that I needed to take. Since the first day I was in the group I felt included and everyone was so warming, understand where I was, and they didn't judge me. Ms. Joyce is the most caring, helpful, and loving person, she is the person that I needed in order to trust myself again. In her groups I really found what I needed to fully recover. The support and love I needed.

Alex López, 8 months ago

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this place put me in a place of happiness and excitement. ADAAP has saved my life from being the person I used to. Joyce was my counselor and I know that she has blessed this rehab with her bright spirit. I thank God for her. I know I’ll be back to visit in aftercare, just to see HER. Thank you so much for this experience. I couldn’t be more grateful for Ms. Joyce and the rest of the amazing staff here.

Elizabeth Hess, 8 months ago

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