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Resource Center

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Resource Center

Resource Center is located in Dallas, Texas.
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Google Reviews

Great people, great place, doing incredible work for the community

Drew Hecker, 2 years ago

It's a safe place to go and relax and have fun. Sweet people.

Jennifer Hudson, 2 years ago

This is the bomb for GLBTQ community! Every possible service in a beautiful facility. Don't ever be embarrassed to drop in and ask for help: counseling, medical, kids, etc.

Jon Langbert, 3 years ago

Highly improved over 21 years I've gone there. Much improved menu!

ROBERT PICKETT, 3 years ago

The new building is beautiful!! Has a lot of windows, so I'm sure the electric bill is outrageous! My friends Frank & Michael were married here on Sunday July 9, 2017

Richard Martin, 3 years ago


Cheryl Jones, 3 years ago

They are amazing. Help for all your needs.

Rob C, 4 years ago

Here's an Idea: instead of worrying about which restaurant sell's you the best overpriced food or which place has the best ambiance in town. Take a small or Large portion of that hard earned money & give back to the community or someone, anyone less fortunate than you. I'm sure your heart & DR's would thank you if you skipped one fattening meal per week that would cost you $ 10.00 to make at home verse the $40.00+ you spend at a low end restaurant. And not too mention, it will truly make you feel so much better about yourself. Two years ago, I & my partner were very healthy males with great jobs & very few worries. Well last year things changed. I ended up Getting HIV. And due to the fact I got so sick so many time's, it unforgettably cut into my ability to work as hard as I always have, therefore I ended up losing my Job. 1st time in 20+ years I've ever been Unemployed. I can't change what has happened. I'm healthy now & surviving. The reason I'm telling you this is, even though I almost met God 1st hand & lost my job & almost my partner with all the stress of all theses events combined & even getting to the point TWICE now of taking my own life........I'm still here & pushing forward. I don't have a part/full time job, but I DO happily give all my free time Volunteering to The Resource Center of Dallas. This NON-PROFIT Center helps anyone they can that is living with HIV/AIDS. I'm so thankful everyday to be here & to go there everyday I can to help in any way shape or form I can. So if you can VOLUNTEER Or make donations.......Please do & thank you. And trust me no matter how small you think it is, it means so much to so many & will bring joy to your heart & family knowing that you had a part in helping this wonderful Center in Dallas.......................................This Is My Recommended Place In Dallas............. The Links are on my page. P.S. This dose not just affect the LGBT Community, Anyone can get HIV/AIDS.. !!!! Resource Center Dallas is the primary lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) and HIV/AIDS service organization in North Texas. The Center offers many LGBT services to the community and operates one of the largest LGBT Community Centers in the United States. The Community Center is home to a variety of community organizations and serves over 50,000 people each year through its programs and services. Through its health and medical services, the Center is a leader in HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and services, always putting itself at the forefront in the battle against this epidemic. In addition, the Center provides a full spectrum of STD prevention education, screenings and treatments. A staff of more than 50 part and full-time staff members are supported by over 1,100 volunteers. The Center's three additional locations are the Nelson-Tebedo Community Clinic, Nutrition Center and United Black Ellument (U-BE). The Center is governed by a board of directors and operates through funds from individual donors, special events, private foundations, corporations and government grants.

Steve C, 7 years ago

Situated in Dallas, Texas, Resource Center has treatment options for those who are seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction.

Addiction is a progressive disease of the mind that will continue to get worse with time if it goes untreated. It will continue to worsen without the help of a recovery program. It’s important that those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol seek the help of Resource Center in order to regain the life that has become lost to addiction.

Through a thorough patient evaluation, addicts who attend treatment at Resource Center can get a personalized treatment plan made. The assessment is intended to depict the severity of the addiction as well as to learn more about the individual themselves. This way, a comprehensive treatment program can be put in place in order to reap the desired result; that being long-lasting abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Throughout the patient’s time in treatment at Resource Center, the addict will learn new vital coping mechanisms and trigger management skills. These will help the addict adapt to a new life that is free of substance abuse when they reenter society. Since many addicts relapse, it is inherently important that they avoid certain settings or social circles that will pressure them to use.

At Resource Center, we believe that all addicts have the courage within to overcome their drug and alcohol addiction. Through the constant support of counselors and professional advisors working with addict’s daily, recovery is possible. Despite how long one has been an addict for, recovery is still absolutely attainable. Treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach and at Resource Center, treating each patient with individuality is of utmost importance.

Breaking the vicious cycle of addiction is tough, but with professional counselors and effective treatment options in place, sobriety is closer than it seems. Get in touch with Resource Center today at www.Myresourcecenter.Org/ to learn more about how recovery can help pave a new life path. When the final level of sustained sobriety is reached, a feeling of contentment will ensue and this is something to be extremely proud of.

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