Four Tips for Having Fun At Parties Without Drugs and Alcohol

Here are Four Tips for Having Fun At Parties Without Drugs and Alcohol

When a person is living life without drugs, many things about their life change. Their health improves as can their relationships with others. However, one aspect of their social interactions that changes is the transition from a life using drugs and/or alcohol at parties to being the “sober” one. Sober individuals may choose several different routes when it comes to the social scene. Some avoid parties altogether for fear of temptations or due to the idea that they wouldn’t have fun. Others can choose to have a sober social life. While it can at first feel weird to be the sober one at the party, there are many ways how to have fun without alcohol or drugs. The following are tips for having fun at parties without drugs and alcohol.

Talk to Friends Pre-Party

Sometimes friends may not know that a person is living life without drugs or they may be unaware of how they will interact with the person when they are no longer using drugs. The best approach is an honest one – it is better to discuss a person’s sobriety before the party starts. The conversation can include that a person has decided to be living life without drugs and refrain from using drugs and/or alcohol. This fact doesn’t mean that others cannot drink around them, but refraining from pressuring a person to use drugs and/or alcohol is very important.

Bring Your Own Non-Alcoholic Drinks

If a person has a hard time being sober at a party without drugs and/or alcohol because they’re used to having a drink in their hands, then they can bring their own drink to have in their hands. Some people will bring their own mixers, such as cranberry juice and sprite, or a great cold-brew coffee or artisan tea to enjoy instead. These tips for having fun at a party without drugs and alcohol can reduce the self-consciousness of not having a drink without actually having to use drugs and/or alcohol.

Practice Saying “No”

Inevitably, there will be a person at the party who may not know a person is sober. They may offer drugs and/or alcohol without understanding the severity and temptation of what they are doing. Take these tips for having fun at parties without drugs and alcohol: Practice a “script” of what to say when this inevitability happens. Most people will have discussed with a counselor or in group therapy regarding the best thing to say. This can be simply “No thanks, I’m sober” or “I’m not using anymore,” and these should shut the conversation down quickly. If a person tries to convince a sober person after these statements, they should walk away.

Make Plans for a Sober Event

Just as friends can get together for drinks, they can also get together for coffees, or a day at the park, or a non-alcoholic barbecue. Having a healthy mix of sober and non-sober events in a person’s life can make for a richer experience. Perhaps a person can share one of the new hobbies they adopted as a result of their rehab experiences. They can also show others just what a great time can be had without drugs and/or alcohol.

Conclusions on Tips for Having Fun at Parties without Drugs and Alcohol

While these tips for how to have fun at a party without alcohol or drugs can enhance a person’s enjoyment at their next get-together, the good news is that many people find it very freeing to be at a party and no longer have to deal with the hangover, blackouts, and bad memories from a night of drug and alcohol abuse. This can cement a person’s decision to be sober for a lifetime.


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