Tips for Staying Sober in the Summer

Read these helpful tips for staying sober in the summer and have fun!

When you have an alcohol or drug addiction, it can be challenging and difficult to stay sober, especially during the summer. After all, summer is a time to cut loose and relax and get away from the everyday humdrum that gets you down. But at the same time, your sobriety is a vitally important part of your life that you do not want to give up on just for a little summer partying and fun. You do not have to sit around isolated and fretting this summer though. All you need is some tips for staying sober in the summer and you will be well on your way to having a summer of sun, fun, and sobriety!

Tips for Staying Sober #1: Be Careful Who You Hang With

There is an old saying out there that you can tell everything you need to know about a person by the friends they spend their time with. In other words, “you are who you hang with,” and when you are trying to figure out how to stay sober from drugs in the summer, you need to be extra cautious about who you spend your time with. Spend time with friends who are supportive of your sobriety and who will not try to steer you in the wrong direction. And preferably, make summer plans with people that do not do drugs so that the temptation will not even be there to begin with.

Tips for Staying Sober #2: Know When to Walk Away from Parties

One of the most important tips for staying sober at parties is to know when to walk away from the party. Parties can be a lot of fun and you should not deny yourself the opportunity to mix and mingle with close friends and new people. However, you need to know when to walk away if a party is a bad environment for you. If you see a lot of people either using drugs or acting like they are on drugs, leave the party and avoid any problems. Or, if you see your old dealer or people you used to do drugs with, take your leave and find another social event to go to.

Tips for Staying Sober #3: Do Not Skip Support Group Meetings or Therapy

Just because it is summer, doesn’t mean you should completely slack off in your recovery. In fact, now is the time to really buckle down and make sure you go to your support group meetings and therapy sessions. You can share and compare ideas on how to stay sober from drugs or give each other tips for staying sober at parties. Discussing these issues with fellow recovering addicts can make the idea of staying sober in the summer far less daunting and challenging. You will have a strong support system backing you up that you can rely on no matter what. And that makes everything easier.

Tips for Staying Sober #4: Do Not Isolate Yourself

Many people decide to just go it alone during the summer months if they are worried about staying sober at social gatherings. However, this is probably the worst thing you could do to yourself. Being isolated and alone can be more triggering to substance abuse than being at a party and running into an old drug use companion. Isolation breeds depression and can get you feeling lost in your thoughts. If you think too much about not using drugs, it could actually push you closer to doing them. Protect yourself by spending time with other people, even if it is a select group of friends or trusted family members. Isolation is the enemy of sobriety.

These tips for staying sober in the summer will help you ensure that you are safe and sober throughout the season and have the opportunity to really enjoy your summer at the same time.


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