Drug Detox Process

The price of addiction extends far beyond damaged relationships and lost work. Drugs of abuse take a heavy toll on the body and mind of the addict and carry the risk of permanent damage or even death. Furthermore, the nature of addiction is such that breaking free of the drug’s effects on the body requires the addict to suffer through the symptoms of withdrawal, creating a barrier that many fail to pass. The good news is that through the drug detoxification process, this obstacle can be safely overcome, clearing the path to recovery without putting the health of the individual in jeopardy.

What Is the Drug Detoxification Process?

The medical detoxification process, more colloquially known as a detox, may be one of the first procedures undertaken upon admittance to rehab, as it provides the physical foundation for a healthy and successful recovery. In a medically assisted detox, such as those provided by facilities in BetterAddictionCare’s recovery network, a patient is given medical supervision and treatment during the withdrawal period to minimize or eliminate many unpleasant withdrawal side effects and help the patient remain safe and comfortable. At the end of detox, the patient’s body will be completely free of any traces of the addictive substance, enabling them to fully focus on their psychological and behavioral recovery from addiction.

Why Is the Medical Detoxification Process Necessary?

The drug detoxification process makes sure that a patient is free of discomfort, healthy, and clear of mind before they start learning how to move forward without drugs or alcohol. Drug detoxification also helps patients break free of the initial cycle of using, which is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome without assistance. If a detox is attempted at home or without medical supervision, addicts may accidentally overdose during a relapse or create a dangerous combination of drugs in an attempt to combat withdrawal symptoms. A medical detoxification significantly reduces these hazards, creating a smooth, safe transition into the process of recovery.

A detox will vary according to the unique medical history and personal requirements of every patient, and it’s important to take the time to make sure that the rehab facility in question is well-equipped, fully accredited, and staffed by highly trained professionals. If you’d like help in your endeavor to find the right rehab, we’re here to help: BetterAddictionCare’s pre-screening assessment can quickly and easily sort through our nationwide recovery network of inpatient, outpatient, and alternative rehab programs to determine the best program match for you. Our team of client care specialists can also help coordinate any transportation and public or private insurance requirements for your chosen rehab facility.

At BetterAddictionCare, we strongly believe that the right rehab center provides the foundation for a successful recovery and that every client deserves individualized care. Call today or fill out our contact form to get help now and start healing in one of the country’s top rehabilitation centers.

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