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Rehab for Young Adults

Substance abuse and addiction is a widespread affliction among college students and young adults across the United States. Around 80% of U.S. college students report that they have abused alcohol, with around 20% meeting the criteria for an alcohol use disorder. College students drink for many reasons and live amid a culture of alcohol use.

4 Minute Read | Published Oct 06 2023 | Updated Nov 06 2023

Marijuana use has risen rapidly among college students within the past 20 years. And many students abuse prescription “study drugs” such as Adderall and Ritalin. Psychedelics and ecstasy are passed around at many campus and frat house parties. With so many substances easily available and the pervasive influence of peers, it’s no surprise that some college students find themselves in a position to need rehab programs for young adults.

Some students are at a higher risk for addiction than others. These can include on-campus residents, students with a mental health disorder, college athletes, fraternity and sorority members, and students under an extreme amount of stress. Although these demographics have higher occurrences of substance abuse, addiction can happen to any student, regardless of family background or GPA. Societal factors can also affect drug use among young adults, such as less severe penalties for use, shifts in the public perception of drugs, and availability. Addiction and substance abuse can not only distract from priorities like education, but they can also be life-threatening. Every year, there are thousands of accidents, overdoses, and suicides influenced by substance abuse. Any student who suspects that they have a problem with addiction should consider taking time away from their studies to attend a young adult drug rehab.

Benefits of Drug Rehab for Young Adults

While most college campuses offer some substance abuse counseling, they generally are not equipped to handle moderate to severe addiction. A young adult rehab allows patients to focus fully on recovery and avoid temptations to relapse. Students may be hesitant to take time away from their studies to attend rehab for young adults, but by removing themselves from parties, peers, and substance availability, they will greatly increase their odds of long-term success. Patients will be able to have a medically supervised detoxification period and access to therapy to address the psychological symptoms of addiction. There is also the option of outpatient rehab, in which the client is able to return to their residence each day when treatment is over.

Locate a Rehab for Young Adults

If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction and substance abuse, you can contact BetterAddictionCare to get help now. Our compassionate client care specialists will work with you to develop a customized plan for recovery at a treatment center near you. Our national network of accredited rehabs offers medically assisted detox, individual and group counseling, a variety of therapies, and after-treatment support services. We will explore your insurance options and identify which rehab programs for young adults will be a good fit for you. BetterAddictionCare believes that a rehab program should be a personalized fit for the individual, and we want to help you have a successful long-term addiction recovery. Call now or fill out our contact form to get help now and start healing.


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