Understanding the Different Types of Addiction

Learn About the Various Forms of Addiction

Were you aware that there are different types of addiction? In fact, all types of addiction do not center around drugs and alcohol. Below, we’ll learn about some different types of addiction called behavioral addictions that you may not have heard of before.

What is a behavioral addiction?

Many people want to know what is a behavioral addiction, and the truth is that generally speaking, behavioral addictions are one of those types of addiction that don’t get a lot of press.

For the most part, that’s because they aren’t as common or as immediately detrimental as addictions to drugs or alcohol. They are more slow moving. On the other hand, they often appear in conjunction with addictions to drugs and alcohol. Sometimes, when someone has an addictive personality, they are more susceptible to numerous addictions all at once or over time.

We can define behavioral addictions as addictions that center around a particular behavior. This particular behavior is carried out repeatedly, and it continues despite causing the individual personal harm.

What are the types of behavioral addictions?

The most common types of behavioral addictions are as follows:

  • Gambling addiction

Gambling addictions are more common than you would think. With a gambling addiction, the individual believes that they are going to win every time they put out money, and the thrill that they possibly could when keeps them going.

Still, even when they do win, they continue, and of course, this means that they eventually lose. Many people have lost hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars because of gambling addictions.

  • Impulsive and compulsive stealing or kleptomania

Another common type of behavioral addiction is impulsive and compulsive stealing. This addiction is also called kleptomania. Naturally because of the illegality of stealing, many people who have this addiction end up in trouble with the law. What spurs them is the thrill of taking something without anyone else knowing.

Sooner or later, those with this addiction are caught and must face the consequences. But addiction treatment can help.

  • Hoarding

Hoarding is the compulsion to never be able to get rid of anything. Hoarders often struggle with cleanliness because they save things that should be thrown out, like food containers and boxes, stacks of old magazines, and sometimes, even old food. Hoarding is an extremely detrimental addiction and must be treated as soon as possible.

  • Shopping addiction

Shopping addiction is the compulsion to continually spend money. Shopping addiction often goes hand-in-hand with hoarding. The individual made buy excessively and repeatedly, and they may particularly buy things that they never or hardly ever use and don’t need.

When experienced in conjunction with hoarding, even though the individual does not use or rarely uses the products that they buy, they refuse to get rid of them.

Better Addiction Care

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As someone struggling with a behavioral addiction or an addiction to alcohol or drugs, it is imperative that you find a high-quality treatment center in your area that treats your addiction or addictions. We can help you find that treatment center. Get in touch with us to learn more about your options and have all of your addiction questions answered. Don’t wait. Call today.

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