Alprazolam Withdrawal

alprazolam withdrawal

Alprazolam is a type of benzodiazepine also known by brand names such as Xanax and designed for the short-term treatment of anxiety disorders. Alprazolam is also used recreationally, and due to its calming, relaxing effect on the brain, it can be highly addictive. When the drug begins to leave the body, an addict may find themselves subject to the symptoms of alprazolam withdrawal. These symptoms may initially seem mild, but as the addiction progresses, withdrawal can transform into a dangerous ordeal. Fortunately, with proper supervision and medical care, alprazolam withdrawal can be safely navigated and the individual can begin their journey toward recovery from addiction.

Symptoms of Alprazolam Withdrawal

One of the hardest challenges for addicts to overcome is the often uncomfortable and unpleasant onset of alprazolam withdrawal. Symptoms can include blurry vision, constipation, memory problems, feelings of exhaustion, and difficulty sleeping. These early warning signs may not be enough to deter the addict from continuing to use the drug. As an individual continues to abuse alprazolam, withdrawal symptoms can drastically worsen to include a risk of seizures, depression, and intense anxiety.

It is the psychological element of these withdrawal symptoms that creates the most risk, as these symptoms may lead to suicidal thoughts and impulses. Alprazolam is known to interact with other substances, too, including alcohol and narcotics, which can add an additional element of danger to an already delicate withdrawal process. While alprazolam withdrawal is certainly not the most pleasant experience, it can be successfully managed and even made comfortable through medical assistance. If you or a loved one are taking alprazolam, withdrawal symptoms of any kind should be treated as a cue to seek professional medical treatment.

Treatment for Alprazolam Withdrawal Symptoms

Alprazolam withdrawal can be an uncomfortable process and may prevent people from seeking recovery. However, withdrawal doesn’t have to signal an end to the quest for sobriety. These symptoms can be managed and minimized at an addiction recovery center. BetterAddictionCare offers a pre-screening assessment to help determine the best treatment program match for you from our nationwide recovery network. Once you are in rehab, a medically assisted detox will mitigate the symptoms of alprazolam withdrawal, ensuring a comfortable and safe transition into wellness. To help treat the psychological effects of withdrawal, our network offers the opportunity to speak with a counselor and engage in group addiction counseling.

Withdrawal may seem intimidating, but with the right treatment and support, it can become the first stage of recovery. Call today or fill out our contact form to start healing in one of the nation’s top rehabilitation facilities.

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