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7 Benefits of Sobriety

There are a variety of reasons why some people don’t want to get help for a drug or alcohol problem. Even though they may want the benefits of sobriety on one hand, on the other, they may worry that treatment won’t work for them, or that they won’t enjoy life or have any fun without drugs or alcohol. They may fear that they won’t like who they are sober, or they may worry that sobriety will be too hard.

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Emma Collins
Written by
Amber Asher
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Being sober can be a real joy. Here are 7 benefits of sobriety.

These are perfectly normal fears, and treatment addresses all of them. In fact, the whole point of treatment is to help you find purpose, meaning, joy, and fulfillment in a life without drugs or alcohol. Not needing substances to cope with or enjoy real life is the best way to prevent relapse.

And the truth is, the benefits of sobriety far outweigh the benefits of being addicted. To prove it, here are seven benefits of sobriety that a high quality treatment program can help you realize.

1. You’ll be healthier.

Addiction wrecks your health, and a great deal of energy in treatment is spent restoring you to good physical and mental health through therapy, nutrition, and exercise. Once you leave drugs and alcohol behind for good, one of the best benefits of living a sober life is that your body will start healing itself, especially if you engage in a healthy lifestyle. Your risk of early death will go down, and so will your risk of developing a wide range of chronic illnesses. Your dental health will improve, your mental health will stabilize, and your body’s systems will function better for overall good health and wellbeing.

2. You’ll save money.

One of the most noticeable benefits of sobriety is a fatter wallet. Over the course of your addiction, you probably spent far more money on drugs or alcohol than you’d like to admit, even to yourself. But once you stop using, you’ll find that your paycheck lasts far longer, and you may be able to do some of the things you couldn’t afford to do before.

3. Your relationships will improve.

Addiction takes a toll on your relationships, and repairing the damage done is an important focus of treatment. Repairing relationships requires changing unhealthy thought patterns and learning healthy communication skills. It can take some time, but many people find that their relationships become stronger and closer in sobriety, and new relationships are healthier from the start.

4. Your appearance will improve.

The positive effects of sobriety extend to your visage. Drugs and alcohol do a number on your appearance, from troubled skin and dull hair to a general air of ill health. Ending an addiction will dramatically improve your physical and mental health, and the real, beautiful you will shine through. Your skin will clear up and glow again. You’ll hold yourself differently and project a healthier self-image that will transform you from the inside out, igniting the light in your eyes and the spring in your step.

5. You’ll have more time.

When you have an addiction, your plans revolve around using. You may reject certain activities if alcohol isn’t involved, or you may stop doing activities that you can’t do when you’re high. As a result, people with addictions typically abandon activities they once enjoyed in favor of drinking or using drugs. In a life of sobriety, you’ll find more time to spend with the people you love doing the things you enjoy.

6. Having fun will be more fun.

One thing you’ll do in treatment is learn how to have fun again without drugs or alcohol. People who are addicted often worry that life will be a drag without alcohol or drugs, but once you replace unhealthy thought patterns with healthier ones and re-define your idea of fun, you’ll come to realize that fun is way more fun when you’re sober and can truly experience it.

7. Your risk of legal trouble will go way down.

Whether you’re charged with public drunkenness, DUI, possession, or another crime associated with substance abuse, trouble with the law stemming from drugs or alcohol is a major headache, and it’s an expensive one. Knowing that you’ll never have to worry again about getting busted with drugs on you or making a bad decision leading to serious trouble is one of the most positive effects of sobriety on your wellbeing.

Treatment Works

The benefits of living a sober life include living a life that’s far richer, more colorful, and more fun than you might imagine. If you’re ready to leave your addiction behind and realize the benefits of sobriety, contact us at Better Addiction Care for help finding the perfect treatment program for you. Treatment helps countless individuals improve their quality of life and sense of wellbeing, and it can help you, too. Call us today at (800) 429-7690.


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