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Insurance for Drug Rehab Programs

If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol and thinking about getting help, you may be wondering how you’ll pay for treatment, which can cost up to $60,000 for a high-end 90-day inpatient program and up to $5,000 for a high quality 90-day outpatient program. Insurance for drug rehab programs often cover the majority of rehab and knowing whether your plan includes rehab is the first step in getting help with paying for it.

5 Minute Read | Published Jan 24 2024 | Updated Jan 24 2024

What the Affordable Care Act Means For You

Before the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, was passed in 2010, many Americans had no access to health insurance due to its skyrocketing premiums and low quality of coverage. Some people with pre-existing conditions, including addiction, couldn’t get insurance even if they could afford it.

The Affordable Care Act changed all that. Plans participating in the Health Insurance Marketplace are required by law to provide care in ten essential categories, and one of these is addiction care. Most private health insurance providers not in the Marketplace also follow these new guidelines. Additionally, insurance companies can no longer refuse to sell you coverage based on a pre-existing condition.

How to Determine Whether You Have Insurance for Drug Rehab Programs

If you have insurance, whether public, private, or through your parents or your employer, you’ll need to find out whether the plan covers addiction treatment and if so, how much of it is covered. Chances are, you’ll have to pay a portion of the cost of treatment.

For quick answers, you can call your insurance company and ask what your plan covers. You can also read the plan that was sent to you when you got the insurance. Alternatively, almost any treatment center you contact will be able to help you determine what your insurance plan will cover.

How to Get Insurance to Pay for Drug Rehab

If you don’t have addiction treatment insurance coverage, you may be wondering how to get insurance to pay for drug rehab. You have a couple of options: Public and private insurance.

Public insurance can make treatment affordable, and many treatment centers take public insurance for drug rehab programs. The two public options are Medicaid, which helps low-income people afford medical care, and Medicare, which is government health insurance for adults over the age of 65. Many states expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, so you may qualify now, even if you didn’t before the expansion. It’s worth a shot to check with your local Department of Health and Human Services to see if you qualify.

If you can’t get addiction treatment insurance coverage through Medicare or Medicaid, you’ll have to go with private health insurance, which is more expensive than public insurance, but you’ll likely have a better range of options for treatment. Private insurance plans are available through the Health Insurance Marketplace, and depending on the plan you choose; it may cover inpatient or outpatient rehab, high-end rehab, and other private treatment programs.

Other Alternatives to Help Pay for Treatment

If you can’t afford to buy insurance for drug rehab programs, you may have other options to help you pay for treatment. Some treatment centers offer scholarships, and others offer financing, meaning you can pay off the cost of treatment over time. You may also consider getting a loan to pay for treatment. If you have good credit, you may be able to get a low-interest rate on a personal loan. Individual states often have low-cost, state-run rehab programs and may also provide public assistance, depending on whether you qualify. Other state or municipal agencies may also provide financial assistance for treatment in the form of scholarships or grants.

Friends and family members who are concerned with your wellbeing may be willing to chip in to help pay for treatment. Crowdfunding websites like GoFundMe can also be a useful resource for offsetting the cost of rehab. Selling items of value that you own can help as well, and if all else fails, you may qualify for treatment through the Salvation Army in exchange for working 40 hours a week to cover room and board.

Where There’s a Will…

If you need treatment for addiction but don’t have insurance for drug rehab programs, contact us at Better Addiction Care today and let us help you find a treatment program that will work for you to find a way to get the help you need regardless of your ability to pay. Call Better Addiction Care today at (800) 429-7690.


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