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Medical Author

Genesis Camacho-Leon

Medical Author

ECFMG Certified, 2023.
HIPAA Certified, 2021.

Title: MD, JD, Clinical Research
Education: Doctor of Medicine, Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela,

About Genesis Camacho-Leon

Genesis is a experienced medical doctor with a diverse background in various healthcare environments. Demonstrated expertise in delivering exceptional care to individuals across different age groups and cultural backgrounds. Established proficiency in clinical research and medical writing.
As an Iowa resident, Genesis is renowned for accurately diagnosing and treating an extensive array of chronic and acute health conditions. Recognized for organizational skills, reliability, and an ability to efficiently handle multiple tasks while maintaining a positive demeanor.
Skilled in managing patient data, laboratory specimens, and compliance documents for numerous studies. Exceptionally organized, detail-oriented, with robust problem-solving abilities. Certified in HIPAA compliance.


Clinical Researcher


Doctor of Medicine, Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela.
Doctor in Law, Rafael Belloso Chacin University, Venezuela.
Public Health, University of Zulia.



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