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Finding Insurance That Covers Drug Rehab

Due to recent changes in the insurance industry, namely the introduction of the affordable care act, finding insurance that covers drug rehab is easier than ever. Public and private insurance companies will generally pay for some, if not all, of the cost associated with treatment, however, this can vary depending on the type of treatment, for example, outpatient and inpatient may have different types of coverage.

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How can you be sure that you have insurance that covers drug rehab?

Insurance coverage for addiction rehab has grown a lot in recent years, this is largely due to the public becoming more educated about the dangers of addiction, and the serious nature of addiction treatment. For instance, the heroin epidemic in North America has only gotten worse through recent years, you would be hard pressed to find a person living in New Jersey who didn’t know someone who struggled with addiction. Because of this, insurance companies have come to understand that medical treatment is necessary when it comes to treating long term drug addiction and abuse, and most rehabilitation centers will work with you and your insurance company to have the majority of your drug rehab costs covered by insurance.

While the best way to get an understanding of which companies have the best insurance coverage for addiction rehab is to call and speak to any facilities you are considering, there are a number of general guidelines to follow when seeking insurance that covers drug rehab.

Public Insurance

For people whose insurance does not cover their entire costs of treatment, there is always the option of public insurance. Public insurance is generally one of the better forms of insurance that covers drug rehab. Many treatment facilities are supported by the government, and these treatment centers will accept federal insurances that assist patients in paying for the treatment they genuinely need to reach a place of sobriety. However, there are general income requirements for patients considering public insurance, so there may be a chance that you are not eligible for public insurance coverage.

If you’re not eligible for public insurance, or if your public insurance will not cover addiction treatment, there are other options available to the public. In many cases, there are a number of public grants, charities, and scholarships, that can assist patients with the bills associated with addiction treatment. We encourage anyone interested in seeking inpatient treatment to consider applying for these resources.

Private Insurance

Private insurance is any health insurance plan that is paid for by an individual or by an employer. These plans are in no way associated with the government or its numerous agencies. This type of insurance comes with its own list of benefits and costs.

While private insurance coverage for addiction rehab generally costs more than its public counterpart, it does offer a wider range of options as far as treatment coverage is concerned. Private insurance offers patients the a variety of options to choose from, including a larger number of alcohol and drug rehab centers whose drug rehab costs would be covered by insurance. In addition, significantly more of your treatment may be covered by your insurance, meaning you would pay minimal amounts out of pocket to receive rehabilitation.

The main benefit of choosing a private insurance company is the ability to pick and choose plans that cover the wide range of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. For instance, you can find coverage that specifically covers inpatient, outpatient and holistic treatment approaches, where a public insurance may only cover one or two of these options. Of course there are some cases in which employers pay for patients private insurance, and they do not want their employer to find out about their issues. In these cases private insurance can be a burden due to the fact that it cannot be hidden from managers and human

Group Insurance

The final example of insurance coverage for addiction rehab is group insurance. Group insurance packages generally include provisions for addiction care. Unfortunately, many people feel that there is a shame or risk associated with using the benefits of their insurance for drug rehab. However, there are a number of bills and laws enforced by the government that help keep coverage balanced for alcohol and drug treatment. Similar to the previous two options, the best way to ensure that your insurance is insurance that covers addiction rehab is to speak with a consultant with the potential facility, as well as with a representative with your insurance company.


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