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Crack Abuse

For several decades now, crack cocaine abuse has been one of the top social problems in the United States. Many thousands have suffered from crack addiction and have sought help to get sober. Sadly, many mothers have passed on their crack addiction to their children, and hundreds of thousands of pregnant women are exposed to cocaine and crack every year through their own use of the drug or the use of others. Professional addiction treatment is helping many people deal with crack abuse, and knowing the dangers of crack and the signs of crack abuse can help you assist people who are suffering from a crack addiction.

3 Minute Read | Published Jul 28 2023 | Updated Oct 10 2023

Why Is Crack Such a Problem?

Crack cocaine abuse is a huge problem in the United States and elsewhere for a variety of reasons. Crack is concentrated cocaine that is produced in solid form and smoked using a crack pipe. Smoking the substance allows the body to absorb it more quickly than other drugs, including regular street forms of cocaine; thus, people can become crack addicts faster than when abusing other drugs. Nationwide, many people have become addicted to crack after their first use of the drug, demonstrating how addictive it really is.

Crack also tends to be far cheaper than other forms of cocaine. Thus, it is not uncommon to see signs of crack abuse in younger people and in people who live in poverty. These groups can in many cases scrape together enough money for crack but not for powdered cocaine, which tends to be far more expensive. Addiction recovery programs for crack therefore serve many people who might not otherwise be cocaine addicts.

Identifying a Crack Addict

The signs of crack abuse are similar to those that are seen in the abuse of other drugs. Frequent financial problems because a person is spending all of their money on the drug can be a sign of crack abuse. Crack cocaine abuse can also be an explanation when a person shows aggressive behavior or has burns on the parts of their body that might come into a contact with a crack pipe. If those signs are present, it is vital to seek out safe addiction treatment so that the addict can start healing.

Beating Crack Abuse

Crack cocaine abuse may be an epidemic, but individualized treatment can help an addict kick the habit. Through BetterAddictionCare, many crack addicts have been successful in acquiring drug treatment. Our highly trained client counselors can help you find the solution that is best for you and your needs. Do not delay; if you or someone you love is showing signs of crack abuse, contact us and we can help you find individualized, cost-effective drug treatment near you.


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