Crack Detox

crack detox

As anyone who has suffered from drug addiction knows, quitting a drug is not as easy as simply stopping the use of the drug. That is because you only start healing when you cease the drug’s use. Your body must then go through a process of detoxification wherein it rids itself of the chemicals introduced by the drug and readjusts to life without it. Crack detox can be particularly trying because of the highly addictive nature of the substance and the length of time that it takes to get rid of the withdrawal symptoms. Highly trained professional help is recommended if you or someone you know needs to detox from crack. Before you seek assistance, however, consider the answers to some common questions about crack cocaine detox.

How Long Does Detoxing from Crack Actually Take?

Speak with a counselor from a crack detox program and you will learn that the process of detoxification from crack cocaine varies from person to person. Some people start to experience withdrawal symptoms as they detox from crack as soon as an hour after their last use. Some might not feel any symptoms for a few days. Those who have completed a crack cocaine detox program have reported that it took them up to four weeks for all withdrawal symptoms to cease.

What Determines Crack Withdrawal Symptoms?

Crack detox withdrawal symptoms are determined largely by the length of time the drug has been used. Those who have used the drug longer and in larger quantities will take longer to experience full recovery in traditional or alternative rehab programs. It takes longer to detox from crack when you have been using for a long time because there are more chemicals that your body must expunge from its system than if you have only been using for a short time. Other factors determining the length of time for a full crack cocaine detox include whether or not other drugs were used in conjunction with crack. When multiple drugs have been used, the body must make multiple adjustments, and that can prolong the withdrawal process.

Why Do I Need Professional Detox?

It is highly recommended that those who are pursuing crack detox seek out customized, professional treatment. The crack cocaine detox and withdrawal process often produces mood swings that can put the user at risk for things such as suicide or other anxiety-driven risky behavior. Medically supervised assistance when you detox from crack need not be expensive, as private insurance often will pay for part or all of the cost. At BetterAddictionCare, we can help you get cost-effective care at an inpatient facility that will help you as you experience withdrawal symptoms, then give you the treatment you need to begin a new, sober life. Contact us today for more information.

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