Exploring a List of Joint Commission Accredited Facilities

Exploring the Benefits of JCAHO Accreditation and the List of Joint Commission Accredited Facilities

The Joint Commission, formerly The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) was founded in 1951. The goal of the Joint Commission is to improve healthcare nationwide by ensuring that patients receive the best quality treatment and care across all healthcare settings.  The Joint Commission is the oldest and largest independent accrediting body in healthcare that is recognized nationwide for its commitment to setting industry standards in performance and quality. The Joint Commission is a non-profit organization that certifies and accredits over 21,000 U.S. healthcare organizations and programs through the process of evaluation and collaboration. The Joint Commission’s mission is to deliver safe and effective treatment of the highest quality and best value to American citizens. Reviewing a list of Joint Commission accredited facilities is recommended when choosing a drug rehab treatment program for yourself or a loved one to ensure the best possible care. For those wondering what is jcaho accreditation, it is The Joint Commission’s rigorous benchmarks that can offer the best understanding. Finding a list of Joint Commission accredited facilities can be obtained easily by doing an online search.

In order to make the list of Joint Commission accredited facilities, a healthcare organization or program must meet certain criteria. To gain a better understanding of what is jcaho accreditation, here is a list of some standards set by the JCAHO for drug rehabilitation centers that is revised regularly to improve how healthcare is delivered to patients in this setting:

  • Treatment and management of pain in all patients
  • Maintaining consistent levels of medications used in treatment for pain management, such as methadone or buprenorphine, even as new pain medications are introduced or changed.
  • Treatment of neonatal abstinence syndrome for pregnant patients.
  • Administrative discharges from treatment based on the care plans established for each patient.
  • Implementation of parenting support groups.
  • Requirements for OTP (opioid treatment program) services also emphasize patient-focused care as well as integrated and individualized methods.

While The Joint Commission is committed to setting certain performance standards and being recognized as a leader in quality driven healthcare for Americans, a drug rehab center JCAHO accreditation or certification is not difficult to obtain for organizations that share these goals. Accreditation can be earned by many types of healthcare organizations, including addiction rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, doctor offices, home care service providers, and more.  Finding a drug rehab center JCAHO accreditation is easier when narrowing down choices to include this prestigious accreditation. Addiction treatment centers have undergone regular evaluations by The Joint Commission since 1972. A list of Joint Commission accredited facilities can be found on its website. The following factors help make up the standards set for all areas of operation in a drug treatment center:

  • Care, treatment and services
  • Care setting or environment
  • Emergency management
  • Demonstration of leadership
  • Life Safety
  • Medication management
  • Patient Safety Goals
  • Record of care, treatment and services
  • Patient rights and responsibilities

Facilities that earn a drug rehab center JCAHO accreditation can be trusted to provide high quality services because they are required to go a through rigorous evaluation every three years in order to maintain accreditation. The evaluations include surveys that are performed by mental health professionals such as psychologists, social workers, behavioral health care nurses and administrators. These evaluations also serve as education and training for staff members to improve their delivery of healthcare services and treatment to patients. Several types of treatment programs are eligible for accreditation, including those that provide treatment for addictions, eating disorders, or patients with behavioral disabilities. Programs offering inpatient or outpatient counseling, hospitalization, opioid treatment, technology based therapies, residential group home environments or outdoor behavioral services are eligible for accreditation as well.  Through these evaluations, problematic areas in health care programs can be identified, and expert based solutions can be provided to improve the services provided by these facilities.

When researching addiction treatment programs or rehab and treatment centers in Miami, Florida for yourself or a loved one, search for drug rehab center JCAHO accreditation. Ensure that you get the best level of treatment and care by the most qualified healthcare professionals in the country. Be confident in knowing that the choice you make will be one that adheres to the highest industry standard by the largest, independent accrediting body in healthcare, the Joint Commission (JCAHO).

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