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Oklahoma Doubles Down on Drug Testing in Schools

Just as the SQ 788 bill passes, which makes medical marijuana legal, public schools in Oklahoma are doubling down on drug testing in schools. According to school officials, the passing of SQ 788 and their stricter approach drug prevention in schools is just a coincidence. Essentially, the drug testing change is going to mean that twice the number of students will be randomly drug tested when the policy change comes into effect.

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Random Drug Testing in Schools Doubles in Oklahoma

A Return of Old Policies

Two years prior to the drug testing in schools change, schools in Edmond had to reduce the number of random drug tests they performed due to budget restrictions. At the recent school board meeting, the committee had to decide whether to renew the contract they had with their drug testing company. It was then decided that it was time to return to the amount of  drug testing in schools that they had before, which is the most they are allowed to legally test.

SQ 788

Superintendent, Bret Towne, said that the passing of SQ 788 is not related to the recent change in drug testing in schools. However, he said that they are concerned about any situation that could make obtaining drugs easier.

The current regulations as far as prescription medication goes is that all prescription drugs are to be kept locked up and only given out by the school secretary when it was warranted. However, Towne isn’t certain if medical marijuana will follow the same protocols as other prescription drugs do.

Does Drug Testing in Schools Work?

Drug use among teens is particularly impactful because teens are going through important developmental changes, which makes them even more susceptible to the negative aspects of drug abuse. But does drug testing in schools work?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are two main reasons why it’s important for schools to regularly perform random drug tests. Firstly, it is done to promote drug prevention in schools since people tend to avoid drug use when they know that they are going to be tested for it and have to face the consequences of their actions if they were to abuse a drug. The other reason why it’s important to test teens for drug use is because it can help to identify when drug use starts, allowing parents and teachers to intervene.

Stopping Addiction in Teens

If you are a concerned parent, or you’re worried that your friend might be becoming an addict, then there is no better time than now to get ahead of the problem. Rehab centers such as the ones found on Better Addiction Care can assist with an intervention and by providing quality treatment for the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

The goal of drug rehab centers is to firstly treat the symptoms of addiction, such as withdrawal symptoms, and then perform various therapeutic methods that can help to isolate areas in the teen’s behavior and thinking that are problematic. They may also provide addiction medication if the situation warrants it, such as a severe addiction to opioid pain killers, to help prevent relapse. Ultimately, a rehab center aims to help an addict manage their addiction thus stopping drug use and becoming a contributing member of their community.

Contact Better Addiction Care today at (800) 429-7690 to speak to a representative about drug prevention in teens and the best way to deal with drug or alcohol abuse in teens.


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