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K2 Side Effects

The high that people experience from marijuana helps to explain why so many individuals become addicted to it each year. In fact, the drug is so popular that synthetic forms such as K2, also known as Spice, have been developed so that people can experience the same or similar effects but have fewer concerns about legal problems, since these “designer drugs” are harder to detect in a drug test. However, while K2 or Spice may even be technically legal in some places, that does not mean there are not side effects of the drug to worry about. In fact, there are many harmful K2 drug side effects that make it important to get sober if you are addicted to this substance.

2 Minute Read | Published Jul 30 2023 | Updated Jan 13 2024

Since it’s a synthetic cannabinoid, many of the effects of K2 mimic those associated with an authentic cannabinoid such as marijuana. Common physical side effects of K2 or Spice include such things as vomiting and excessive sweating. It is also not uncommon for addicts to experience K2 or Spice side effects such as dry mouth. Particularly concerning are the uncontrollable movements of the body that many addicts experience while on K2. Finally, red eyes are also indicative of K2 addiction and abuse.

Psychological side effects of Spice or K2 are also concerning. Some addicts experience psychotic episodes in which they have a break with reality. These kinds of things can also happen during withdrawal, which makes it particularly important to seek professional addiction recovery treatment. That way, the individual experiencing withdrawal stays safe during the recovery process. Other common psychological K2/Spice side effects include paranoia. Addicts and their loved ones should note that the psychological effects of K2 or Spice are often more intense than those associated with actual marijuana use. The process of synthesizing the drug makes it more powerful and increases the severity of K2 drug side effects.

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Given the problems associated with this drug, the long-term effects of K2 can include permanent bodily or even mental damage. Getting assistance in overcoming addiction from one of the many traditional or alternative rehab programs in the BetterAddictionCare recovery network will help prevent long-term effects from developing. Many of our providers have a proven track record of assisting people who want to get clean and leave the side effects of K2 behind. Many of these same providers will also work with your private insurance to keep your treatment not only confidential but also cost-effective. Fill out our contact form or call today for more information on how we can help you.


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