Drug and Alcohol Intervention Specialists

Often, the hardest part of treating drug addiction is convincing the addict that there is a problem. No addict will pursue lasting treatment until the reality of the addiction sets in, and sometimes, the only way to demonstrate the problem is through an intervention. Each year, hundreds of addicts are convinced to enter an addiction recovery program after friends and family members confront them with the reality of how their behavior is destroying them and others. Many interventions are performed informally, but others choose to enlist a professional interventionist for help.

How Interventionists Help

In a drug intervention, the friends and family of an addict follow a three-step procedure to convince the addict of their need to get sober. First, the addict is told the damaging effects of the addiction on the addict and others. Second, a plan for treatment is outlined. Third, the addict is presented with the consequences that will ensue if the addict does not pursue treatment.

A drug intervention specialist is often called in to help in order to keep the process on the right track. Many interventions get sidetracked because of the emotion involved. Well-meaning friends and family can stray from the script when the addict shows hostility, and this can be counterproductive. A professional drug or alcohol intervention specialist is there to offer a more objective perspective and to steer the conversation back to the problem at hand if the tension leads to name-calling or other things that take the focus off of the need for the addict to start healing.

Finding an Interventionist

Many traditional and alternative rehab programs have a drug interventionist on staff available to help the friends and families of addicts convince them of their need for individualized drug rehab. In the BetterAddictionCare recovery network, several programs can provide assistance in the form of an intervention professional if you need to convince an addict to get help. Our highly trained addiction care specialists can help you find the programs that have intervention specialists on staff if you need that assistance. They can also work with you to locate solutions near you that are covered by private insurance, whether or not you need a professional interventionist to help your loved one who is addicted to drugs. Call today or fill out our contact form and we will match you with the right drug intervention specialist and drug rehab program for your particular needs.

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