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5 Minute Relapse Prevention Activities

When you stop abusing substances, you are not recovered. The avenue to recovery is the creation of a whole new life with different goals and activities that make it easier to “not” be a substance abuser. Without important life-changing decisions that remove you from the places, behaviors, and friends you had in your old life, your past will interfere with your recovery. Relapse prevention activities can help you stay on track and not be influenced by old habits.

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Relapse Prevention Activities That Will Help You Cope – In 5 Minutes

5 Minute Relapse Prevention Activities

Just a few minutes here and there can be instrumental in preventing a relapse. There are times during the day when you may feel stressed, and that is when you need to do one of the 5 minute relapse prevention activities.

  • Take Five – Remember the good things that happened this day. Cherish the hugs your spouse and children gave you. Think about how happy you made the dog when you tossed it a ball a few times. Drink in the memory of last night’s sunset. Make a quick mental list of everything that has gone well this day.
  • Take Five – Listen to your children talk about their day. Look at their school work, and hang some up on the refrigerator. Tell your children how proud they make you. Take some silly selfies with your little ones and a few with big happy smiles. Observe how important you are to your children and determine to be their protector.
  • Take Five – Take a walk or run and breath fresh air deep into your lungs. Enjoy the flowers, trees, and scenery as you spend five minutes getting some outdoor exercise. Listen to the birds singing, wave to your neighbors, toss someone’s newspaper onto their porch, and tell the elderly woman sitting on her porch how beautiful she looks.
  • Take Five – Read a chapter in an uplifting book. Sing or hum a happy tune that reminds you of something special. Eat one of those extra crunchy chocolate chip cookies your daughter made and tell her how delicious it was. Say a prayer or meditate, and be thankful for this special moment in your day.
  • Take Five – Tackle a small task you’ve been putting off. Maybe you need to organize the junk drawer in the kitchen, the toolbox in the garage, or get rid of some clothes that no longer fit. Taking a short break and accomplishing a task will make you feel good and be a great source of positive energy.

Five minutes relapse prevention activities are full of good energy, fill up spaces in your day, boost your self-confidence, and let you know that you are in control of your life.

Relapse Prevention Coping Skills

Not every day will be perfect, and even though you have quit using addictive substances there will be times there are cravings and temptations assail you. Using the coping skills you have learned can get you over the hump of these moments when they occur. It makes sense to reduce the number of negative stresses in your life and increase the number of positive skills that will strengthen your recovery. What relapse prevention coping skills are most important?

  • Rational Thinking – Use the decision making methods you learned in rehab. Recognize those activities that could weaken your resolve and avoid them.
  • Communication – You learned the importance of communication with others during your therapy sessions. Good communication prevents misunderstandings that can result in anger and lead to relapse.
  • Good Nutritional Choices – Eating a healthy diet helps to meet the needs the body has for recovering from abuse. Your immune system will become strong again and your body’s nutritional needs will be met.
  • Exercise – Rebuild strong muscles and bones by engaging in a regular exercise program. Exercise reduces stress, clears the mind, and strengthens the body. All of this is critical to avoid relapse.

Relapse Prevention Techniques For Substance Abuse

Knowing lots of relapse prevention techniques for substance abuse will keep you alert to the temptations or cravings that may arise. You’ll know what to do to get past that temporary craving. All of these tips, skills, and activities will become part of your new lifestyle and prevent the addictions of the past from taking over again.

If you or a loved one need help to prevent relapse, it is available. Make the phone call that will empower you with the skills you need to overcome and prevent relapse. Call Better Addiction Care today at (800) 429-7690.


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