K2 Withdrawal

k2 withdrawal

Withdrawal is a natural and necessary process that the bodies of addicts go through when they have stopped using drugs. The human body must adjust when a substance on which it has become dependent is no longer available, and that is true even for K2, otherwise known as Spice. The unpleasantness of K2 addiction withdrawal has made many addicts wary of getting off of the drug. However, addiction treatment under the supervision of highly trained medical personnel can minimize the K2 drug withdrawal symptoms so that addicts can get sober in a safe, comfortable way.

Withdrawal Symptoms and Their Treatment

Most people who quit K2 experience symptoms similar to those associated with marijuana withdrawal. That is because K2 or Spice is actually a synthetic form of marijuana that mimics its effects and causes the body to respond in withdrawal in similar fashion. K2 drug withdrawal symptoms that addicts will face are numerous and include both physical and psychological effects.

Nightmares, confusion, and hallucinations are frequently experienced by those who are in K2 or Spice withdrawal. The most concerning of these are hallucinations, especially if they are exacerbated by other medications that the addict may be taking. Those who experience severe hallucinations during K2 addiction withdrawal are in particular need of a safe setting where they can be supervised to keep them from harming themselves or others. Professional addiction recovery treatment in an inpatient detox center provides just that.

The physical symptoms of withdrawal from K2 or Spice include headaches, nausea, and vomiting. The combination of these K2 drug withdrawal symptoms with the mental symptoms of withdrawal can contribute to restlessness and make it difficult for the recovering addict to sleep. In turn, the intensity of the mental and physical symptoms of K2 addiction withdrawal often worsens in proportion to the decrease in rest. Highly trained medical personnel in a K2 rehab program can treat these physical symptoms with medication and other methods in order to ease the pain associated with getting off of the drug.

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