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inpatient rehab

Americans’ use of illicit drugs is increasing, with marijuana topping the list of most-used illicit drugs. When drug or alcohol addiction identified, entering an inpatient rehabilitation facility can put a stop to the downward spiral and allow for healing to begin. Inpatient rehabilitation services vary depending on the facility, but most centers offer care that ranges between 30 and 90 days, depending on the needs of the individual. BetterAddictionCare offers a nationwide recovery network of inpatient rehab centers that can assist with addiction recovery.

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What may begin as recreational substance use can turn to a dangerous drug addiction. Substance use and abuse encompasses not only illegal illicit drugs, but prescription medication and alcohol, too. For this reason, inpatient rehabs in our network are available to address a wide and growing number of commonly abused substances. New recovery programs are constantly being developed in order to address the latest abuse trends and problem substances, including heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, and marijuana.

Each substance has its own unique side effects and, upon admission into inpatient rehab facilities, some may require time spent undergoing medically-assisted detox in order wean the body from a physical dependency. The available detox program designed to keep patients safe and comfortable, and includes the administration of medication that helps the patient better tolerate the effects of the abuse substance leaving the body. After the initial critical phase of detox, patients may move on to the customized addiction counseling phase to address behavioral symptoms.

Each patient enrolled in an addiction recovery program is different. Whether an addict is dealing with physical or psychological dependence, professionals at inpatient drug rehab centers are experts at helping patients resolve addiction issues. Highly trained therapists provide the individualized treatment patients require in order to recovery most successfully. During inpatient rehab, addicts explore the reasons behind their addictions and potential triggers that lead to drug or alcohol abuse. Once these triggers are identified, therapists teach patients new, healthier ways of coping once they return to their life after rehab. Patients can use these learned skills to stay sober and maintain a healthier, substance-free lifestyle.

Immediate Admissions: Get Addiction Help Now at an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

When you or a loved one needs addiction help to get sober, BetterAddictionCare is ready to step in and guide you towards an inpatient rehab facility best suited to meet your unique needs and preferences. Through our nationwide recovery network we have connections to inpatient rehab centers across the country; many located near you and of offering immediate admissions for new patients. Call us today to speak with a Client Care Specialist to learn about various inpatient rehabilitation facilities. Our team of professionals will take the time to conduct a personal pre-screening interview, ensuring that we find the right facility for you. Take back control of your life from addiction and to get sober.

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