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Top 5 Positive Effects of Sobriety

If you’re struggling with substance abuse issues, chances are you have already heard a number of reasons why recovery results in various positive effects of sobriety. However, for the most part, we really do not consider the sober health benefits until long after we have severally damaged our physical and mental health. In this article, we are going to break down the physical benefits of sobriety and the sober health benefits into five simple sections.

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Emma Collins
Written by
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Explore the Top 5 Positive Effects of Sobriety Including the Physical Benefits of Sobriety

Top 5 Positive Effects of Sobriety: #5 Renewed Health and the Physical Benefits of Sobriety

There are a number of different physical benefits of sobriety, and they can vary drastically depending on the substance being abused. In this section, we’re going to focus on some of the common physical symptoms associated with drug and alcohol abuse. For instance, the majority of substances abused take a massive toll on the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver. While this damage can be intense and detrimental to the body, if the addiction is stopped early enough recovering addicts can make a full recovery to peak health. While certain drugs like cocaine, methamphetamines, and other stimulants can cause higher heart rates and blood pressure for life, stopping the substance abuse can help the body adjust and keep your risks of heart attacks lower than if drug use continued. In addition, through nutritional and exercise regimens, the damage caused by drugs and alcohol can be mitigated even further! However, none of these actions can truly benefit an addict until they take that first step towards sobriety, so they can truly experience the sober health benefits of renewed health.

Top 5 Positive Effects of Sobriety: #4 less Legal Worries and Anxiety

With drug use, comes a constant threat of legal troubles. Whether it’s being pulled over with drugs or alcohol in the car, or legal consequences due to the method of paying for, or acquiring, drugs, substance abusers experience an anxiety like no-other. The first time I ever got pulled over after having almost a year clean, I felt a wave of sudden relief, knowing that there was nothing in the car, my blood, or on my breath that I had to worry about. While this may seem like one of the smaller positive effects of sobriety, it is one that impacts your mentality and emotions in a way you can’t really grasp until your first day of your drug-free life.

Top 5 Positive Effects of Sobriety: #3 Financial Freedom and Growth

When addiction is in full-swing your priorities become extremely skewed. Money that should be going towards food, rent, your family, and fun, instead goes towards drugs and alcohol. During my years of addiction, I racked up an insane amount of debt, through credit cards, legal fines, and promises of payment. While having extra money to spend was definitely a benefit, the best thing about no longer spending money on drugs and alcohol was the physical benefits of sobriety, the lack of anxiety about money and the lack of worry about deadlines and methods of acquiring drugs.

Top 5 Positive Effects of Sobriety: #2 Rebuilding Relationships with Friends and Family

Substance abuse can take a major toll on your personal relationships. Whether it’s your relationship to your friends, family, bosses, or even just simple acquaintances, addiction has the potential to burn a lot of bridges in your life. While sobriety doesn’t guarantee that these relationships will rebuild themselves, it does give you the opportunity to begin taking steps towards repairing these relationships, and forming healthier relationships. This is an amazing experience to have, and it’s one of the sober health benefits that really impacts your mind and emotions. Having those people back in your life, and having a support system that you can trust, and that can trust you, is rewarding beyond belief.

Top 5 Positive Effects of Sobriety: #1 Taking Back Control of Your Life

When we talk about the positive effects of sobriety, it’s easy to get caught up in the sober health benefits, and physical benefits of sobriety, but there’s something a little deeper than that lurking just under the surface: a clear mind and control of your own self. As we mentioned before, addiction has a way of skewing your priorities away from things that would normally be important to you, replacing them with drugs and alcohol. Once drugs and alcohol are removed from the equation, your priorities begin to slip back into their rightful place, and it begins to feel much more like your own life, rather than a roller coaster you have little-to-no control over. While there are some health issues that may never fully recover, relationships that will never rekindle, and legal issues that may never go away, the reward of being able to experience life, make your own decisions, and truly feel like your own person is one of the most profound and near-religious experiences imaginable. For many who will never experience addiction, this self-control is taken for granted, but for those who go through the ring of fire that is addiction, the loss of self-control only makes its weight and meaning more true once it is regained.

If you’re ready to take that first step towards all of the positive effects of sobriety we covered, and many more we didn’t, then please, call us at 1 (800) 429-7690 to begin searching for the perfect rehab facility.


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