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Beginner’s Guide to Sober October

The famous Sober October challenge is underway once again this year, and it is coming into full force! The trend has gained popularity in a number of mediums and has proven to be a hit for both sufferers of substance abuse and those who simply want to take a month to get to a healthier point in their lives. But what exactly is Sober October, and how can you follow the rules required to reap the greatest benefits of Sober October?

4 Minute Read | Published Aug 17 2023 | Updated Jan 23 2024

To answer both of these questions, and hopefully some other ones along the way, the team at Better Addiction Care has written this piece in hopes that it gets the ball rolling on some extra Sober Octobers this month. Our team of experts provides an avenue for sufferers of drug abuse issues and disorders to the perfect addiction rehabilitation centers for them. As experts in such a field, we are well-versed in all things related to this challenge.

What Is Sober October?

Understanding the popularity of Sober October and the reasons for it are a bit harder once you’ve delved into it a bit. Although the exact origins are linked to an Australian fund-raising group, the intense popularity of this challenge is most often linked to the Joe Rogan Sober October challenge that was started on his widely popular podcast in 2019.

Whether the name was purely coincidental (after all, it is very catchy) or whether the popular podcaster and comedian was inspired by the youth group is not known, but the results of the yearly challenge have been amazing. The idea to go Sober for October was designed as a way for people to get into better shape, develop healthier habits, and curb some of their more damaging tendencies in the span of one month.

Abandoning alcohol and drugs for healthier activities was such a hit that people all over the world currently participate. Sometimes abusers of such substances can use the challenge as a catalyst for more permanent change. So, if you want the Best Sober October experience, what rules should you follow?

Following the Sober October Rules

Although the goal of Sober October is clear, what are some of the specific rules that others have put in place on how to get sober in October? There are many different templates you could follow, including the one you’ve created yourself. Be sure to find one that best suits you and stick to it!

There are many different ways to take part in Sober October, one of the most popular of which is the template put in place by the comedian Joe Rogan. His formula, which has been a staple of his October plans for years, is to replace all substance use and abuse with an athletic or academic challenge.

For example, running a set number of miles by the end of the month or reading a certain number of books before October ends. Others have found replacing their alcohol or drug use with a healthy habit is a great way to get them into a healthier body and head space.

Of course, if neither of these is particularly appealing to you, it is highly known that finding your own activity for the month is an amazing way to ensure that you stick with it. The goal is to somewhat replace drugs and alcohol, or entirely replace if you are an abuser of such substances, with a great, fun, and healthy new habit!

Sober October has proven to not only be a great way to have some fun while taking a break but also a way to take the first steps on a journey to get sober.

Getting Sober Full Time

Sober October is not just a fun challenge for friends. It is also a great opportunity for substance abusers to get the ball rolling on their journey to recovery.

If you are planning on partaking in Sober October as an addict, then it is recommended that you have a team of experts along for the ride with you. Experts who are in your area will provide the perfect care for your specific and individual situation. Better Addiction Care provides the perfect and free resource to get you connected with the best drug abuse, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis treatment centers in the nation. Get in touch with our team today to learn more, or read some of our other articles to get more insights from industry professionals.

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