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The Causes and Solutions for Alcohol Bloating

People feeling bloated after drinking alcohol is one of the most common signs of use that is experienced. It is also a great indicator of substance abuse related to alcohol if you notice that alcohol bloating is constantly present. But what are the underlying reasons for alcohol face bloat and body bloat effects? Also, how can someone get rid of this symptom of use after they have been drinking and do not want to have the physical signs present for all to see?

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Emma Collins
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Emma Collins
Written by
Dr. Ash Bhatt
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The team at Better Addiction Care specializes in providing free resources for people suffering from substance abuse. This is done in the form of information and insight into the specifics surrounding alcohol and substance abuse-related subjects. Here you will learn where alcohol bloating comes from and how to get rid of the tell-tale alcoholic bloat that occurs after drinking. 

What Causes Bloating From Alcohol

Why does alcohol make your face bloat and appear to swell the body of those who use it either regularly or in excess? The truth has to do with the adverse dehydrating effects of the substance.

Alcohol is not something that the body responds well to due to the amount of dehydration that can happen. Once dehydrated, the body’s organs and even individual cells try to hold onto as much water still present as possible. This leads to someone’s appearance becoming more puffy and bloated from alcohol.

This appearance can remain a constant for the person if they are a regular user. It is often one of the dead giveaways of alcohol abuse that is present in people’s lives. Once you have alcohol bloating, it may feel as though your appearance will never return to its original state. However, there is a possibility for a reduction in alcohol bloating if certain measures are taken by the user. Following these steps can be vital in ensuring that alcohol bloating is not permanent and that your body and face return to baseline after years of continued use or even abuse.

How to Get Rid of Alcoholic Bloat

Once you experience bloating after drinking alcohol, whether in the face or the body, you will notice just how drastic the changes to your physical appearance can be. If this is the case, you likely will want to reverse the effect. Luckily, if you are willing to take steps towards temporary temperance, a greater emphasis on moderation, or even complete sobriety through rehabilitation, you can see your appearance return to normal.

The length of time that someone will have to be committed to these changes will differ. This is based on the genetics of the person, the amount of abuse they put themselves through with alcohol, and countless other factors. Fortunately, after a few weeks or months, their appearance should revert to its natural one.

Although an alcohol-bloated face or body is not something someone would want to have, it is far from the worst thing to come from alcohol abuse. Sickness, ruined relationships, and even death are possible scenarios that alcoholics live with every day.

If you truly want to eliminate the root cause of alcohol bloating, then you will need to change your habits for the better. Then you will get onto the path toward health, happiness, recovery, and sobriety. At Better Addiction Care, our drug rehab directory and other resources can help get you there. You just need to be ready to take the first step.

Find Drug Abuse and Alcoholism Treatment Centers

Are you or someone you know suffering from alcohol bloating as a result of substance abuse stemming from alcoholism? Are you now in need of professional help to make those issues a worry of the past? If so, be sure to make use of the Better Addiction Care national directory of drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities. With it, you can learn all about the different rehab centers in your area and how they can help you.

Our team provides other services, such as verification of insurance for addiction treatment. Such services are meant to provide a completely free way of learning all the information you’ll need to know about sobriety and addiction treatment.

If you are interested in learning more about addiction and its treatment of it, then be sure to take a look at our substance abuse and sobriety blog. Read these articles to learn more about the core subjects surrounding the disease of addiction.

Our team is also ready to answer any questions you may have surrounding substance abuse and how our resources can help you beat your battle with it. Simply give our team a call today to speak with one of our experts. 


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