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Common Causes of Drug Abuse and Alcoholism

Drugs and substances can be extremely damaging to the mind and body. One of the best ways to expand your knowledge of addiction is to understand some common causes of drug abuse. If you are someone suffering from issues related to substance abuse or know someone who has dealt with their own battles with addiction, you may have tried understanding drug abuse and addiction on a deeper level.

4 Minute Read | Published Aug 22 2023 | Updated Jan 11 2024

Below our team presents a deep dive into the reasons for drug abuse. We also discuss how you can address the problems resulting from them. Better Addiction Care provides access to free resources to help sufferers understand their conditions better. We also help people find national drug abuse treatment facilities and programs in their area. Though these answers and solutions are related to many sufferers, they may not be the causes of your own abuse. A thorough inventory of one’s issues can work wonders for getting the proper help.

What Are the Causes of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Alcoholism and substance abuse do not simply begin to happen. This abuse is caused by various different factors. Still, some throughlines can be found between different addicts who suffer from similar issues. Two common causes of drug abuse stem from childhood trauma and injuries. Personal inventory recollection may be needed to find specific and personal root causes.

Some of the most common reasons for drug abuse include:

  • Environmental Factors: People learn everything from their environment. This can come from normalization, peer pressure, abuse, misguided guidance, or almost anything else. Substance abuse can also be taught and learned, like so many other things in life. 
  • Biological Disposition: There are some factors that we simply cannot control. You may be more susceptible to addiction depending on your genetic background. You may also find it harder to get the help needed. 
  • Age When Use Began: The age at which someone begins experimenting with substances can greatly affect their ability to combat addiction. Habits that are learned during developmental periods can stick quickly and be hard to undo as they become a part of daily life.

These causes of drug abuse make up an unfortunate amount of the population that has found themselves addicted to illicit substances such as alcohol, cocaine, and more. But that does not mean that your reason for drug abuse makes it impossible to kick the habit or to deal with the issues that lead you to this point. More resources than ever are available to help lead you to a better life and one that is devoid of addiction. 

Dealing with the Reasons for Abusing Drugs

Understanding drug abuse can be extremely difficult. This is especially true if you have never pondered what led you to the point you find yourself or what led others to struggle with addictions. Drug abuse can be curbed through proper treatment from a professional team in your area. You can rely on these people to get the job done right.

When the issues are laced in childhood or adult trauma, they can become harder to resolve due to the presence of both issues in the patient. Luckily, many programs, such as dual diagnosis treatment options, can be used to find solutions to both issues at the same time. Tackling all issues that are related to your substance abuse is important for making the change permanent and getting onto the road to a life defined by sobriety, not by abuse.

As stated before, there are many resources that are at your disposal when trying to find proper treatment. Better Addiction Care offers such resources for free to those who visit our website. We would love to be a part of your treatment journey. 

Find Drug Addiction Treatment Near You

If you are in need of assistance dealing with your substance abuse issues and the causes of drug abuse that led you down the path to addiction, then be sure to make use of the free online resources offered by Better Addiction Care. Our national directory of drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities offers a free online way to find the perfect substance abuse teams in your area. Many of these facilities offer dual diagnosis treatment to help you combat both issues at once.

Make sure to read more insights from our team. The years of experience and knowledge they have acquired are compiled into our drug addiction blog. It is regularly updated with new information and news relating to alcoholism and drug abuse.

Feel free to call our team and inquire more about our resources and how we can help you on your path toward sobriety.

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