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Teen Alcohol Abuse

If you have a teenager, learning the facts about teenage alcohol abuse can help you prevent addiction and keep your teen safe and healthy. Underage drinking is a widespread problem throughout the United States. The average boy has had his first alcoholic drink by age 11, and the average girl has had a drink by age 13. Underage drinking is associated with a great many risks. Teen alcohol abuse can lead to the development of problems with drinking later in life, suicide attempts, and violent behaviors. Underage drinking causes many fatal car accidents each year. Drinking also leaves teens vulnerable to assault and increases the likelihood that they will have unprotected sex. Drinking as a teenager can also have a lasting impact on health, impairing memory, coordination, and motor skills.

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Signs of Teen Alcohol Abuse

Educating your child or student about teen alcohol abuse facts is just one part of prevention efforts. You must also look out for the signs of teen alcohol abuse. Symptoms can include:

  • Weight changes
  • Lethargy
  • Deterioration in personal grooming and appearance
  • Erratic behavior
  • Decline in time spent with family
  • Symptoms of depression
  • Change in performance at school
  • Changing relationships

These behaviors signal that a teen is in distress and indicate possible alcohol abuse.

Responding to Alcohol Abuse in Teens

If you need to discuss alcohol abuse in teens with a child in your life, you should ask open-ended questions and follow a few guidelines. Open-ended questions are not leading and will allow the teen to discuss what they are comfortable addressing while encouraging a trusting and honest conversation. You should try to keep your emotions under control and make the conversation positive but still set clear expectations and communicate your values. You should feel free to talk honestly and openly about any family history of alcohol abuse. It’s also important to express an interest in getting to know your teenager’s friends. Many teens start abusing alcohol due to peer pressure.

Find an Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center

Do you want to learn more about teenage alcohol abuse facts? Is a teen in your life struggling with addiction? BetterAddictionCare can help. Our friendly client care specialists are waiting to answer your questions, and they can help you find individualized treatment within our national network of recovery centers. They will discuss treatment programs with you and explore your insurance options. Call now or fill out our contact form to help your teen get sober in a safe, comfortable environment. BetterAddictionCare can help you find inpatient or outpatient care at a rehab center near you.


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