Am I An Alcoholic?

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Anyone struggling with alcohol use or the results of drinking may have asked themselves questions about their drinking habits, including the question, “Am I an alcoholic?” Taking an alcoholism test can be a helpful way to think about the frequency of drinking or events that happen during or after drinking. Exploring alcohol use is an important and personal internal check that can help you monitor yourself for potential problems and avoid falling into the trap that is alcoholism.

Better Addiction Care, a resource for addicts and alcoholics to find the perfect treatment location in their area and start their journey towards sobriety, knows how important it is to gauge your use and find out are you an alcoholic? Our quiz, titled “Am I an Alcoholic?” is meant to help those struggling with their own use discover if they are struggling with alcohol to the point of being labeled an alcoholic.  

Questions Asked in the “Am I an Alcoholic” Quiz

When it comes to an understanding of how to know if you are an alcoholic, the exact definitions are not so clearly drawn and defined. Instead, it is a personal inventory that can only be done by those who truly feel they have a problem. If you are on the fence, this quiz is meant to help you decide if you are experiencing the signs and if you are an alcoholic. Some of the questions posed by the “Am I an Alcoholic?” quiz go as follows:

  • Do you experience memory blackouts when drinking?
  • Do you find yourself routinely rushing to have your first drink of the day?
  • Is there a special reason for times when your excessive drinking is apparent?
  • When you are sad, depressed, or anxious, do you find yourself drinking alone?
  • When drinking with companions, do you find yourself still drinking after others have stopped?
  • When drinking with friends or family, are you having extra drinks apart from your companions?
  • Do you often have feelings of embarrassment, remorse, or guilt after drinking?
  • When at events with family or friends, do you feel uncomfortable if there is no alcohol available?
  • Is managing your life’s responsibilities becoming more difficult due to your drinking habits?
  • Do you hide or not fully disclose your drinking habits from friends or family?
  • Have any loved ones disclosed that they are concerned about your drinking habits?

These questions make up our quiz “Am I an Alcoholic?” Though it is not a thorough indication of alcoholism, it is a way to identify any signs you are experiencing that you are an alcoholic. Even if you are not experiencing all, or even most, of the signs listed in our quiz, it is important to do a personal evaluation of these signs if you see any of them in your own life. These are signs of the potential room for improvement in your drinking habits. Although these questions are the ones our team would personally recommend to anyone considering their own alcohol use, it is very important to ask not only when you are considered an alcoholic but also how alcoholism can affect your life.

Why It Is Important to Get Sober as an Alcoholic

Before or after taking the “Am I an Alcoholic” quiz, it is important to do an evaluation as to why you are considering the question. Many would say that simply posing the question is enough to consider one’s own drinking habits an issue. Parents of children may see their own habits and could be pondering how their tendencies could affect, or even influence, their children and want to stop any issues before they even occur. Even singles, who are looking to improve their lives, may find themselves with alcoholism as the main factor holding them back from experiencing everything they wish they could do in life. No matter what your status is, there is always room to do better. Beating alcoholism is one of the most impressive and effective ways that somebody could hit their goals and improve their lives.

Our Resources for Assistance in Getting Sober 

This “Am I an Alcoholic” quiz is not the only way that Better Addiction Care offers support in the form of resources for addicts of all kinds, including alcoholism. The main way that our team of professionals opens the door of betterment for visitors to our website is by offering the information needed on all the different locations in their area for substance abuse, mental health, and dual diagnosis treatment centers in hopes that they will better their lives. Get in touch with our team for more information regarding our completely free resources, or read some of our other articles today to learn more about all things related to addiction, mental health, and how to get sober. 


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