Alcohol Assessment Online

When it comes to alcohol, people often struggle to understand if they truly have a problem. How can you actually identify an alcoholic? Are there signs that point to the fact that someone truly has a problem? For many who are unsure about their relationship with alcohol and the control that it has over their lives, an online alcohol assessment can provide valuable information and be an eye-opening experience.

One of the biggest symptoms associated with alcoholism is denial. No one wants to admit that they have a problem. No one wants others to know that the struggle with alcohol is very real and, in many cases, scary. An alcohol assessment online offers insight and guidance for those who may be on the border between denial and admission. Realizing that there is a problem allows an alcoholic to begin the search for cost-effective treatment that will work with their private insurance to create an affordable option for recovery.

Common questions will tend to appear in any alcohol evaluation online. While each one may word things in a different way, most choose key topics and situations for the individual to consider when selecting their answers. Important questions to ask yourself when performing an alcohol assessment online include:

  • How often do you consume alcohol?
  • Has your drinking put yourself or someone around you in a dangerous situation?
  • Has your drinking caused injury to yourself or those around you?
  • Have you ever wondered if you have a drinking problem?
  • Have others in your life voiced concerns about your drinking?
  • Have you tried to stop drinking in the past but began to suffer from symptoms such as anxiety, nausea, or shaking hands?

Armed with the information gleaned from an online alcohol assessment, you can make the decision to get help now and find the right type of treatment. From addiction counseling to alternative rehab programs, you have an opportunity to choose a safe and comfortable environment as you begin to break free from the hold that alcohol has had on you and your life. Remember, getting help now doesn’t just benefit you. Taking advantage of our nationwide recovery network also benefits those around you who truly care about you, allowing everyone to start healing.

If you are concerned that you might have a problem with alcohol, it’s time to take the first step toward sobriety. If you’ve already taken an alcohol evaluation online, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that you need help. Using the BetterAddictionCare pre-screening assessment, you can get one step closer to addiction recovery. Answering these questions can help us match you with the best inpatient or outpatient facility for you. Each center in our recovery network offers customized plans to help you find success. Call today to speak with one of our client care specialists and get started: We can help you get sober and stay sober.


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