Explaining the Signs of Heart Damage From Drugs

Drug abuse can come with many different connotations attached to it. One condition is the presence of physical damage to several different parts of the body. Sometimes the damage caused by drugs is irreversible. One such issue is related to the heart and the damage done to it because of continued drug abuse and substance use of many different kinds. Knowing how to spot the signs of heart damage from drugs can allow a user, or someone close to the user, to identify issues. It will help them become privy to the different things that may be going on in their bodies.

If you are a drug user and are concerned about some of the many issues that can befall the heart, then the team at Better Addiction Care is here to help! Our team has years of experience as professional providers of free online resources. Below we present different ways that a user could be damaging their heart due to continued drug abuse. 


What Can Drugs Do to Your Heart?

How do drugs affect the heart? These effects happen in various ways. They can include an enlarged heart due to drug abuse. You might question if a drug overdose can cause cardiovascular failure. The answer to this is yes. Different substances can cause different reactions in the body that a user needs to be aware of. The causes and reactions can include:

  • Alcohol: Heart failure, irregular heartbeats, and blood clotting are all potential dangers for people who regularly abuse alcohol. The risk of any of these happening is especially high if alcohol is paired with other substances.
  • Cocaine: With cocaine, the signs of heart damage from drugs are noticeable at a rate possibly unmatched by any other. There are risks of increased heart rate, smaller arteries around the heart, decreased blood flow, blood clots, increased plaque buildup in the heart, blood cell damage, and much more.
  • Prescription Pills: Although prescription pills are usually associated more with a danger of overdose than a danger to organs from long-term use, the danger is still there. Though investigations are ongoing, many cardiovascular issues have already been linked. 
  • Meth: Users of methamphetamines, or meth, can expect thicker blood vessels to form in the body, a buildup of plaque, and increased difficulty with the pumping of blood.

In addition to those listed above, there are other substances to look at. This overview of the different signs of heart damage from drugs can be used as a baseline from which you can establish the greatest risks to befall substance abusers.

If you are taking any form of illicit substance at a high enough rate, you should know that you are never safe from the potential link between different drugs and heart attack or damage risks. Knowing how to avoid allowing your habits to become serious health issues is important in the process of getting sober.


How to Avoid Issues Relating to Drugs and Heart Damage

There are many ways that someone who does not suffer from substance abuse can deal with their own higher risks of heart damage or attack. However, when someone is an addict actively engaging in substance abuse, the main solution would be to cut the head off of the snake. They need to kick their habits and improve their health in the long term.

Whether or not the signs of heart damage from drugs have shown up yet, it is best to get ahead of the problem before anything can be allowed to develop and take hold. Make use of the opportunity for national drug abuse treatment in your area and avoid more than just a continued substance abuse issue.

Avoid the possibility of potentially irreversible heart damage taking a toll on your health. Finding the perfect place to get this level of care is easier when you have the opportunity to use free online resources, such as those offered by Better Addiction Care.


Better Addiction Care Is Here to Help Tackle Your Addiction

If you or someone you know is concerned about experiencing the signs of heart damage from drugs, and their abuse of them, be sure to use all the services at your disposal. These resources will help you find an excellent treatment provider in your area. Such services can be lifesaving, especially if these services and resources are free and can lead you to the right path without asking for payment.

Better Addiction Care offers access to a free online national directory of drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities to help you find all the treatment centers in your area. We also have a routinely updated drug addiction treatment blog that offers expert insights directly from our team of professionals.

Feel free to also call our team and ask about how our resources can be of help along your treatment journey or any other ways that our experts can be of assistance. 

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