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Drug Rehab Treatment Facility in Bakersfield, California

It's tempting to imagine that we and people we love could never be touched by addiction, but the truth is that drug and alcohol addiction can happen to anyone. If left unchecked, an addiction can ruin every aspect of the addict's life, from financial health and social relationships to physical and mental well-being. Painkillers and other prescribed opioids can be just as addictive as heroin or alcohol and can have just as devastating of an effect. The good news is that treatment is available and effective at helping addicts free themselves from addiction. BetterAddictionCare has a nationwide recovery network of top alternative rehab programs, including a variety of rehab centers in Bakersfield, CA, so we can help you find the right treatment option for your needs, whether you live here and want to stay near home or you want to travel to California to find a better environment in which to start healing.

Healing in Bakersfield

Bakersfield, located in sunny Southern California, offers a neat balance of green valleys and a vibrant, thriving community. Pursuing rehab in Bakersfield, CA, can have many benefits. Drug rehab centers in Bakersfield, CA, are surrounded by the natural beauty of the Central Valley, providing a perfect environment to facilitate healing even after treatment concludes. Bakersfield is a bike-friendly city, which means recovering individuals can make positive daily steps toward better health by just traveling around town, not to mention the therapeutic benefits of getting some fresh air and reconnecting with the outdoors. A Bakersfield rehab facility can give an addict the opportunity they need to get sober.

Finding Drug Rehab Centers in Bakersfield

It may be confusing to figure out which drug rehab in Bakersfield, CA, you should choose. After all, there are many different types of programs, and each facility has its own individual strengths. BetterAddictionCare's network includes a variety of rehab centers in Bakersfield, CA, and we're dedicated to helping you determine the best facility match for you or a loved one. Selecting a drug rehab in Bakersfield, CA, begins with our customized pre-screening process, specially developed to match you with the best fit from our addiction recovery network. No matter where you're from, our team of client care specialists will coordinate transportation and public or private insurance requirements for your treatment at a rehab in Bakersfield, CA.

Once enrolled at a drug rehab in Bakersfield, CA, our clients can get a medically-assisted detox overseen by highly trained professionals, designed with their unique medical and drug history in mind. This process transforms the frequently disheartening withdrawal period into a safe and comfortable experience. Clients in a drug rehab in Bakersfield, CA, will also be able to speak with a counselor to determine why addiction entered their life and what they can do to better protect themselves in the future. After the program concludes, BetterAddictionCare will also locate and assign a committed nearby recovery team to provide post-treatment support.

A Bakersfield rehab might just be the help you've been looking for, so don't wait to start healing. Call today or fill out our contact form for more information on drug rehab centers in Bakersfield, CA, and how we can help you find the right one.

Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital

5201 White Lane BakersfieldCalifornia  93309
Google Rating: 2

Ebony Counseling Center

1301 1311 and 1317 California Avenue BakersfieldCalifornia  93304
Google Rating: 4

Capistrano-lincoln Street Retreat

708 Lincoln Street BakersfieldCalifornia  93305
Google Rating: 3.5


3533 Mount Vernon Ave BakersfieldCalifornia  93306
Google Rating: 3.7

Advanced Cardiology Medical Associates

1909 16th Street BakersfieldCalifornia  93301
Google Rating: 2.8

Women Of Worth Recovery House

2500 Olmo Court BakersfieldCalifornia  93309

A Way Out Program

3201 F Street Space , #146 BakersfieldCalifornia  93301

Aegis Treatment Centers

1018 21st Street BakersfieldCalifornia  93301
Google Rating: 4.7

El Dorado Community Service

1010 South Union Avenue BakersfieldCalifornia  93307

Cso Brotherhood

1124 Baker Street BakersfieldCalifornia  93305
Google Rating: 4.8

Turning Point Of Central California

1101 Union Avenue, Suite 100 BakersfieldCalifornia  93307
Google Rating: 3.7


2901-2913 South H Street BakersfieldCalifornia  93304
Google Rating: 4.1

Legacy Village - Oregon Street Recovery Center

1620 Oregon Street BakersfieldCalifornia  93305

Bakersfield American Indian Health Project

1617 30th Street BakersfieldCalifornia  93301
Google Rating: 4

Jason's Retreat Outpatient

2917 Eye Street BakersfieldCalifornia  93301
Google Rating: 5

Synergy Recovery Services

4100 EMPIRE DRIVE,, Suite 200 BakersfieldCalifornia  93308
Google Rating: 5

Kern County Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce

1400 EASTON DRIVE,, SUITE 151 BakersfieldCalifornia  93309
Google Rating: 5

Aspire Counseling Services

9830 BRIMHALL ROAD BakersfieldCalifornia  93312
Google Rating: 5

Citizens For The Betterment Of Community And Country

504 Bernard Street BakersfieldCalifornia  93305

Step Ii

10822 Rosedale Highway BakersfieldCalifornia  93312
Google Rating: 4.5

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