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`pillars Recovery

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`pillars Recovery

`pillars Recovery is located in Corona del Mar, California.
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Google Reviews

I have worked for Pillars Recovery for 18 months and it is the best treatment facility i have ever worked for. They have always given me a platform to grow and encouraged me to go to school. When i express a desire to do so but financially unable to they offered to help me out. The treatment team has always made themselves available for each other and the clients. I would recommend this place for treatment for anyone struggling with the disease of addiction. In addition if you are looking to work for a great company i would say this is a great place to work.

Johnny Martinez, 2 years ago

Pillars Recovery literally saved my life. I came in with absolutely nothing, broken, homeless, and in the grips of my addiction. From the moment i arrived staff took me in with love and care. All i had to my name was a backpack with a shirt in it. Pete, the man in charge brought me brand new clothes and treated me like i was a human being. The nurses and support staff believed in me when no one else did. Today, i live a life beyond my wildest dreams, I'm getting married, i had my first born son, and work in the field of addiction and going to school. This is my testimony to anyone seeking help with addiction and would recommend Pillars to start their journey to a new life, just as i did.

Tim High, 2 years ago

My experience as a support staff member at Pillars Recovery has been outstanding. Pillars staff truly care about the clients and work hard to provide ethical and compassionate care to everyone who walks through their door. Pillars truly family-like business culture and dedication to client care has been nothing short of inspiring. Good people from top to bottom.

Dillon Glazebrook, 2 years ago

My experience at pillars recovery has been very positive. The staff is very knowledgeable about the process of addiction and recovery. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure the safety and success of each individual client. Very respectable staff and an amazing program.

Leah Campanella, 2 years ago

Pillars has been a wonderful experience so far. All of staff I’ve been in contact with have been more than helpful. Great program. Great staff.

Kiersten Soderlund, 2 years ago

Compassion and understanding is what Pillars gave me. Staff are knowledgeable and do their best to tend to all needs of the clients, I would recommend Pillars to anyone seeking a new way of living

Tim Kavalaris, 2 years ago

scott winn, 3 years ago

`pillars Recovery located in beautiful Corona del Mar, California, can supply addicts with professional and effective addiction treatment options.

Whether an individual requires inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, or holistic treatment options, `pillars Recovery can help addicts obtain the goal of sustained sobriety. With experienced staff members, counselors, and addiction advisors, patients can rest assured that receiving professional care is something that is never compromised.

`pillars Recovery understands well that making the decision to attend treatment is very difficult. This, though, is the most vital step in the entire recovery process as it means the addict is mentally prepared to get better. This is an important aspect of the whole recovery process. Through consistent support, addicts will have the opportunity to get better when they attend treatment at `pillars Recovery.

Since no two addictions are alike, it’s important that treatment be as unique as the individual themselves. At `pillars Recovery, they understand that all addictions are different. Also discussed before treatment begins is the patient’s insurance coverage.

By identifying the root cause of the addiction at hand, psychologists, counselors, and advisors can better prescribe a treatment plan that can work for the individual. The core values that are held at `pillars Recovery are centered on striving to assist the addict every way possible in order to obtain long-lasting sobriety. Just as so many addicts have attended `pillars Recovery and succeeded in recovery, so can others.

Living a fulfilled life is possible with the help of a professional and tailor-made treatment plan. There is a happy life waiting outside the life of drug and alcohol abuse. It’s time to put addiction behind and start on a life that is content. This can only happen with the help of an addiction treatment facility.

Contact `pillars Recovery today at www.Pillarsrecovery.Com and learn how a unique approach to treatment can help addicts regain control of everyday life. With the proper treatment plan in place, addicts can overcome their addiction and learn to live a sober life in as little as 30-days to 90-days.

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