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Rehab For Drugs And Alcohol in Loma Linda, California

When a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, it can be difficult to decide when and how one should intervene and find professional help for a substance abuse or addiction disorder. The answer is always sooner rather than later. The longer a person struggles with abuse and addiction, the more severe the symptoms and consequences become. You don't have to face the struggle of addiction alone: BetterAddictionCare serves residents in Southern California, and we can help you find a Loma Linda rehab center with programs tailored to your unique needs.

Signs of addiction involve changes in personality and behavior. You may notice a loved one exhibiting mood shifts like a shorter temper, a more depressed mood, or secretive behaviors. Addiction becomes an obsession, and the person afflicted often goes to great lengths to acquire their substance and hide their abusive behavior from the detection of loved ones.

What Happens at Rehab?

Loma Linda is a city famed for being home to healthy residents, and a professional Loma Linda rehabilitation center can offer a setting that gives you the best chance at a successful and long-lasting recovery. Loma Linda is known for the longevity of its residents, who live an active lifestyle that promotes health and advocates for abstaining from drugs and alcohol, so people who choose to recover at a Loma Linda rehab center can feel confident that they will be undergoing the recovery process in a supportive community that is as free from temptations to relapse as possible.

The first step in the rehabilitation process is detoxification, which involves cleansing the body of all addictive toxins. This stage is the most dangerous aspect of drug rehabilitation and should never be undertaken alone. When detox occurs in a medically supervised setting, dangerous side effects and symptoms can be monitored and controlled and any complications can be addressed. Withdrawal from many substances is associated with seizures, which can lead to head injuries and other life-threatening situations if dealt with alone.

Once detox is complete, the most difficult symptoms of addiction to deal with are psychological in nature, as the client must deal with the urge to relapse. An inpatient rehabilitation center will give each individual patient the level of structure and support that they need. Services offered include group and individual counseling, nutritious meals, and exercise options. Rehab programs that employ alternative techniques may feature equine therapy, art therapy, yoga, and more.

Find a Loma Linda Rehabilitation Center

Take the first step on the road to recovery and contact BetterAddictionCare. We believe the most powerful rehab experience is one that is a personal fit for each individual, and our addiction care specialists can help you identify which program is the best fit for you. Contact us to receive compassionate help and guidance in choosing the program that will best meet your needs. Call today or fill out our contact form to start healing.

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