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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles, California

There's nowhere else in the world like Los Angeles. It's often considered the center of the entertainment industry, and visitors from around the world flood the city each and every year. With a unique culture and lots of different attractions, it offers something for everyone. And when the time comes to seek help at a drug or alcohol rehab, Los Angeles offers something for you, too.

Whether you live in the area and want to find the right treatment facility near you or you want to get away from it all and focus on recovery while enjoying the sunshine, rehab centers in Los Angeles are ideal, and BetterAddictionCare can work to find the treatment options best for you. With our pre-screening process, we find out what you need and learn more about what you want to accomplish while in drug rehab. Los Angeles residents and visitors will benefit most from the resources these facilities provide when they choose the best program for their individual needs. Call today to speak with a counselor about the many cost-effective opportunities available to help you be successful.

If you have a loved one who's battling addiction, you know just how hard it is to stand by and watch things unfold. It can be heart-wrenching to see a friend or family member struggle mentally and physically in the grip of substance abuse. But when they mention looking into drug rehabilitation centers, Los Angeles is the perfect location to suggest. Highly trained staff members and comfortable accommodations make this a great place to get sober, and we'll do our best to make the process of starting treatment as simple as possible.

In Los Angeles, rehab centers come in all shapes and sizes. That's why a customized treatment plan is so important. Facilities bring together everything from addiction counseling to alternative rehab programs that allow individuals to thrive as they break free from substance abuse. Are you ready to make a change at a Los Angeles drug rehab? If so, call BetterAddictionCare and we'll help you get help as soon as possible. Not only will be find you a treatment program with immediate admission available, but we can even coordinate your private insurance and transportation issues.

If you're ready to commit to drug rehab, Los Angeles facilities are waiting to help. Fill out our contact form and start the process by choosing from the city's inpatient drug rehabilitation centers. Los Angeles has a lot to offer people looking to start over. Why not head out into the sunshine and regain control of your life?

Sunrise Community Counseling Center

537 South Alvarado Street Los AngelesCalifornia  90057
Google Rating: 4.8

2nd Chance For Recovery

600 East 7th Street, Suites 104 and 105 Los AngelesCalifornia  90021

Behavioral Health Services

6838 Sunset Boulevard Los AngelesCalifornia  90028

Beit T'shuvah

8831 Venice Boulevard Los AngelesCalifornia  90034
Google Rating: 4.4

Ucla Vine Street Clinic

910 Vine Street Los AngelesCalifornia  90038
Google Rating: 5

Narcotics Prevention Project

942 South Atlantic Boulevard Los AngelesCalifornia  90022
Google Rating: 3.3

Canon Human Services Center-brown

9705 South Holmes Avenue Los AngelesCalifornia  90002
Google Rating: 3.2

Bennie's Place

7221 S Hobart Blvd Los AngelesCalifornia  90047

Pacific Asian Alcohol & Drug Program

2001 Beverly Blvd , # 201 Los AngelesCalifornia  90057
Google Rating: 5

Pathfinders Alano Club

3312 Glendale Boulevard Los AngelesCalifornia  90039
Google Rating: 5

People Coordinated Services

1319 South Manhattan Place Los AngelesCalifornia  90019
Google Rating: 4

Project: Newhab

12400 Wilshire Blvd. , Suite 400 Los AngelesCalifornia  90025

Recoverynow Drug Rehabs Los Angeles

15261 Begonia Drive Los AngelesCalifornia  90046

Sanctuary For Sober Living

7400 Platt Avenue Los AngelesCalifornia  91304

Medi-cure Health Services

3756 Santa Rosalia Drive Suite 417 Los AngelesCalifornia  90008

Shields For Families

11601 S Western Ave Los AngelesCalifornia  90047
Google Rating: 3.8

Ultimate Lifestyle Center

5012 South La Brea Avenue Suite 2 Los AngelesCalifornia  90056

Avalon Carver Community Center

4920 South Avalon Boulevard Los AngelesCalifornia  90011
Google Rating: 4.2

Steves House Sober Living

6075 Pickford Place Los AngelesCalifornia  90035

Synergy Sober House

6069 Pickford Place Los AngelesCalifornia  90035
Google Rating: 1

Local NA/AA Meetings in Los Angeles, California


High We Cannot Buy Group Speaker, Discussion/Participation
04:00 PM

Agape Home Mission

Agape Home Group Discussion/Participation
07:30 PM
03:00 PM

Ark of Recovery Group

Ark of Recovery Group Speaker, Discussion/Participation
01:30 PM

AT Center

Mixed Nuts Group Gay/Lesbian, Speaker, Discussion/Participation, Non-Smoking
08:30 PM

Avalon Carver Center

Ladies Night Group Women, Discussion/Participation, Speaker
07:00 PM

Avalon Carver Center

Pueblo High Noon Group Discussion/Participation
11:30 AM

Better Attitude Group

Better Attitude Group Speaker, Discussion/Participation
07:00 PM

BHS Community Center

Unity In The Barrio Group Discussion/Participation
07:30 PM
11:00 AM
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